Vaping Mafia: Episode One - Planet of the Vapes [Game Over]

Vaping Mafia: Episode One

Planet of the Vapes

VAPE (verb): to inhale vapor through the mouth from a usually battery-operated electronic device (such as an electronic cigarette) that heats up and vaporizes a liquid or solid.

The year is 2044. Over the past thirty years, vaping has taken the world by storm. What started as a simple trend (some would even say a gimmick) quickly rose in popularity. No matter where you go (office buildings, schools, shopping malls and even hospitals), you’ll find yourself wandering through phat clouds, smelling an eclectic mix of flavors from any of the tens of thousands of flavors on the market. Vaping has been deeply intertwined with the global economy, culture and even politics. Stockbrokers now go into work to speculate and invest in new and experimental flavors and vaping equipment. Political elections are frequently decided based on their vaping skills, policies towards vaping or even simply by their favorite juices. There have been thousands of paintings, sculptures, hit songs, compositions, books and dramatic films based upon vaping. Needless to say, vaping has become a pretty big deal.

Not everyone is happy with the popularity of vaping. A small minority of people passionately despise vaping with every fiber of their being. They don’t go public with these radical extremist views: they lie in hiding, still vaping in public as to not arouse suspicion, waiting to rise up and break down the culture of vaping in one fell swoop when given the chance. These anti-vapers may even exist among you.

1. the_worst
2. Killthestory
3. Josh
4. fferyllt
5. Urist
6. NotMafia
7. ErikaFurudo
8. Nanook
9. Invisibilty

This game has 7 players aligned with the Vaping faction and 2 players aligned with the Anti-Vaping faction. Day-talk is mod-confirmed. Game-days will have a deadline of 10 real-days while game-nights will have a deadline of 2 real-days. Nights may end early if every living player sends me a message that they’re okay with it.

Still Vaping (2/9)
  1. the_worst, Vaper (Vanilla Townie), Survived Day 4
  2. ErikaFurudo, Vaper (Vanilla Townie), Survived Day 4
Vaping in the Phat Cloud in the Sky (7/9)
  1. Invisibilty, Vaper (Vanilla Townie), turned into the FBI on Day 1.
  2. Urist, Vaper (Vanilla Townie), had his gear smashed Night 1.
  3. NotMafia, Vaping Enthusiast (Innocent Child), turned into the FBI on Day 2.
  4. Josh, Vaping Bro (Town Bodyguard), had his gear smashed Night 2.
  5. Killthestory, Informed Antivaping Tactician (Mafia Rolecop), turned into the FBI on Day 3.
  6. fferyllt, Vape Juice Vendor, had her gear smashed Night 3.
  7. Nanook, Informed Antivaper (Mafia Goon), turned into the FBI on Day 4.
Vote-counts and Flips

Day 1 Start
VC 1.1
VC 1.2
VC 1.3
VC 1.4
Day 1 End
Day 2 Start
VC 2.1
VC 2.2
VC 2.3
VC 2.4
VC 2.5
VC 2.6
VC 2.7
VC 2.8
VC 2.9
Day 2 End
Day 3 Start
VC 3.1
VC 3.2
VC 3.3
VC 3.4
VC 3.5
VC 3.6
VC 3.7
VC 3.8
Day 3 End
Day 4 Start
Day 4 End/Game Over

  1. No game-related communication outside of this thread unless your role specifically allows it.
  2. Do not quote private communication of any kind. Paraphrasing is okay.
  3. Prods will go out after 36 hours of no activity. If another 24 hours passes with no activity, a replacement for your slot will be sought. An excessive number of accumulated prods may result in a replacement. Let me know if you won’t be available for a bit ahead of time!!
  4. Lynches will be achieved through a simple minority. Please use vote tags to vote or I may miss it.
  5. Don’t be a muffin, play nice!
Sample VT Role PM


You are just a normal vaper. Unfortunately, you have no special abilities.

You are aligned with the Vaping faction. You win when every Anti-Vaper has been eliminated. Please confirm your role and alignment through PM.

(This role is equivalent to a Vanilla Townie)

The game has been filled and Role PMs have gone out!
All players have confirmed! The game is set to start on Monday (8/6/2018)

-bzzt bzzt-

A text message.


This single text message was enough to set the small town of Newkirk, New Mexico (population: 9) into a total frenzy. Two anti-vaping terrorists, in such a small and tightly knit community? How could this happen? Was it the Johnson boys? Lord knows they could’ve been raised better. Or perhaps it could’ve been the Smith’s? Always scandalously sneaking out in the night to other towns (if the rumors were to be believed). Regardless, you knew what to do. You weren’t going to idly sit by while these despicable terrorists tried to destroy your community. You and the rest of your neighbors headed to the town square to administer some brutal southwestern justice.

It’s Monday in most time-zones so I’m gonna open this up now!

Not Voting: @the_worst, @Killthestory, @Josh, @fferyllt, @Urist, @NotMafia, @ErikaFurudo, @Nanook, @Invisibility

With 9 alive, it takes 5 to lynch.

Deadline is August 15th, 10:30 PM EST

DID YOU KNOW?: The United States Government recommends a minimum of five (5) fully charged vape-pen batteries in your emergency preparedness kit.

VOTE: the_worst

LOL this game is so broken. I have a role that turns scum into town. The scum should claim asap so I can use my ability.

VOTE: NotMafia poolicy lunch

btw I think we should lynch me today. I’m not scum but I am a vaper so for the good of humanity I must die.

all the more reason for the non-vapers to claim

fess up vizzy I know you rolled scum here

yes, the anti-vapers must claim so that it will be easier for us to lynch all of the pro-vapers.

no i am a real vaper look at my vape pen

DID YOU KNOW?: Shitposting is not okay, guys. This is a serious game of mafia about vaping and I have half a mind to modkill all three of you. This is my first game and honestly I feel like you’ve already ruined it. Way to go.

hi guys!

I just got back from a concert so I’m chilling for a few hours. Which may or may not involve vaping something.

wow, obvious scum is obvious. everyone knows a vape pen is a pen you lock yourself in to get maximum VAPE flavour

here’s my vape pen:

xD Fferyllt is really into the theme

and @skygazer come on you basically invited me to ruin your first game, why else would I be here? :slight_smile:

the mods should ban me in order to prevent me from ruining this site

but im too cute so they wont