MiscPick - Game Over!

So, I really doubt there was anything you could do. I’ll let you know you were my favorite town player in this game (MVP)!

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Thanks for that, this was the first game that I said Ill do my best and tried to do that, I would normally be inactive and lurky and wait until lylo (because i usually had more games than I can handle) but i realized that does not work so i tried to be more active, however your tone and thought of processes were townie a lot and got me really well

Do you have any tips for being a wolf?

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I do! I might write an article about it!

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Ok thanks, im looking forward to it

I’ve written an article about tips for catching scum as town a couple of months ago, maybe you may want to look at that in the meantime. Also, for some short tips, check out my scum PT though they’re specifically tailored to Vizzy instead of for the general.

Andres - impulse PT
Sky - Nanook PT
Sky - Srceen PT
Sky - pyx PT
Sky - Vizzy PT
Sky - Erika PT
Sky - MS PT

MS - Erika PT
MS - Vizzy Scum PT

Dead Thread
Mod Notes <- Contains all roles and actions

By the way,

Urist played an extremely nasty prank on me at the start of the game that almost caused me to replace out. Fortunately, he corrected it later and explained that it’s just a prank.

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LOL that was hilarious don’t lie

btw any criticism on the setup is greatly encouraged.
i definitely made a mistake on srceen’s role, he was meant to be able to get the later-stage one-shots if he survived to the end of the game. i greatly overestimated the number of abilities that would resolve each night.

Nanook mayorized me exactly when I killed him, confirming me as a PGO. Lol. That was very beneficial to me. He did, actually, “suicided” on me.

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real unfortunate

My only regret is not being louder that MS probably wasn’t a PGO. I thought Erika had it for a bit early on D3, but I can’t blame her cause i didn’t lay enough groundwork ahead of it.

Guys, let’s rematch. I’d really love for Urist to host another miscpick, if it isn’t too hard making the roles. It’s ultra fun and I really loved so much what role and flavor he gave me, which was why I put in so much effort into this game.

I also want to choose something new and see what I get. Who is up for a rematch!

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nah getting roleblocked by wolves and wolves having a counter to all of my inventions (player who commutes others trumping a jailkeep that takes two turns to even work was really off putting), and my role was bastard as fuck given it was decidedly anti town with skygazer’s role considering I target 3 people with useless inventions a night.


jailkeep doesn’t even work against a made up commuter who targets other people. How does that take precedence over being in prison?

You were super loud that metal was a pgo given your random ass decision to give extra voting power to a scumread.

and the inventions are useless with the exception of the investigative on how many actions one can take god forbid the targets can even receive or use said inventions.

The idea was to call their bluff by targeting them successfully at night…then come in the next day and say “guys, MS is obviously scum, lynch the fuck out of them tomorrow, and let’s find the partner today.” Then I’d likely be NKed N3, but I could give two people an extra vote (likely you and Sky, possibly screen instead of Sky), while making those same people functionally unlynchable.

I probably could’ve played it a little better, but I was trying to walk the line between staying alive and breadcrumbing MS being scum in case I didn’t survive. Maybe should’ve just yelled it loud instead. It definitely wasn’t a random decision to target MS though, that part was calculated.

Anyways, I was briefly hopeful you saw the same thing I did early on D3, but definitely don’t blame you for backing off it, given the unfortunate (for town) NK that made it look like MS was a PGO.

Also, I would definitely play another game like this sometime.

im suprised i lived so long