Sky - Srceen radio freq

Hello! Feel free to post here at any time.

Why is this?

What is this?

I’m some kind of neighborizer! I thought you town-told pretty hard so I decided to neighbourize you.

Day neighborizer. Awesome.
How often can you do that?
How did I town tell?

As often as I want!

And like you seemed eager to point out a modslip to confirm someone as town which points towards you being town imo

I was just bullshiting.
I doubt the mod slipped.


Hi my role is an air traffic controller

Yours kinda relates to mine.
Don’t know the point of my role yet but I get a number of how many actions are taken.

I learn the number of abilities that resolved at night.

For my role:

If nobody targets the same person during a night there’s a universal protective that covers everyone

I feel like you’ve towntold enough for me to trust you by saying that

Well that’s definitely towny.
I think it might be hard to accomplish early.
Maybe late game but then what does scum have to counter that?

Probably shouldn’t tell to many people about it.

Ur the only one ive told about the universal protection thing

i feel like you and vizzy have towntold by trying to get me to participate in the respective neighborhoods while pyx hasn’t tried to draw me back in to talk w him in our neighborhood but i wouldnt say im scumreading him

Welcome back! Feel free to post here at any time.

So you did say you put me in here, right?


i have to manually neighborize you again every day

so i “grounded” nanook last night which is a roleblock that doesnt count as targetting in regards to my passive

and there was still a death