Andres - impulse radio freq

Hey guys, feel free to post here during the day.

well, this isn’t exactly what I expected

Well the votes could still change. What is it that you wanted to say?

I think it’s pointless to try now. I just wanted to discuss something with you

so aside from Erika’s strong will on me & Vizzy jailkeeping Erika on n2, I found something else strange, which was why I asked Urist if it’s only one action per night and if the night kill followed that same rule
and by process of elimination, turns out everyone did an action on N2 except Metal Sonic

do you think it’s plausible that Metal Sonic isn’t actually a PGO?

i just want to hear your thoughts on this ^^

It’s not the weirdest possibility I have heard, but then MS would have had to know that Nanook was majorizing him in order to narrow the NK to him. It would also be an interesting gambit in order to explain why they are alive so late, but it’s a hard one to pull off I feel.

You throwing this suspicion onto MS means that you guys are very unlikely to be a team. So then who is MS’ partner?

i pray Vizzy

no, definitely vizzy