Sky - pyx radio freq

Hello! You may post here at any time.

Hi! I’m some sort of neighborizer. I read through your interview here and you seemed like an interesting first choice!

I’m cool with that. I was just lookin’ at the sky earlier today.

I’ve played for years with Mantis on other sites, and probably a couple of games with Nanook, Riley Cake, Screenplay, Erika Furudo, and Metal Sonic, maybe G Tacc too. A few of us are together in another game here right now.

I’m Town again, and my moniker and character from my ‘homesite’ of

I’ve modded games here with Mantis, Nanook, Urist, and Erika, but don’t know them all that well.

I picked “air traffic controller” which I’ve only just realized is extremely fitting for my username.

Oh, and vizzy!

Yeah, I can’t say I really know any of the players play all that well, and even Mantis is good enough to slip by me when she really wants too.
Also, I play kinda goofy compared with many, so I usually attract my share of votes unless someone decides to back me up.

Fun fact I just tried to neighbourize Urist. I could’ve sworn he was playing this.

LOL, I just leared he’s Mantis’ rl boyfriend.

Urist has never played with us at mindromp.

^um, “learned” - I wasn’t learing at the GM, honest.

I ended up neighbourizing vizzy too. I’m kind of scared of his scumgame, it’s pretty indiscernible from his towngame from what I can tell. Probably going to hold off on neighbourizing any further until I get some solid townreads.

uh-oh, I have that rep too, but I don’t really know why. I was just taught to always play as town.