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Hello! Feel free to post here at any time.



I just saw the main thread. Okay.

Did you neighboring everyone in the game?

Do you plan to talk?

Sorry its like bed time for me i had a long day ):

Ive neighborized pyx, screen, vizzy, nanook, you and erika in that order

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Okay. We will talk tomorrow. Is this open during the night phase? I think deadline is near

Some things I’m curious about: do you have restrictions on your neighborizing ability? You’re unlimited, right? As in, why did you choose the order that you did; why were me and Erika last?

No restrictions, i neighborized pyx because i read his interview here and i thought hed be interesting to talk to, after that i started neighborizing as soon as people left null territory for me

Actually except for vizzy who is usually a constant null for me, I wanted to see if i could get a read on him

*left null to go into town territory for me

My lunch break was too shorr ufh

So who are you townreading right now? Be aware that I don’t fully trust you all that yet. But I’m definitely happy to work with you while assuming you’re town for now.

We need to consolidate on a lynch. What do your other neighbors think?

Vizzy - has acted town in the neighborhood
Srceen - will make a post about this in the main thread
You/Erika have been rlly game solvey and like my main concern was that i was getting too much info pings kinda but like the neighbor thing explains that

Thanks for your townreads.

Is that why you neighborized us?

Shall I assume that the rest of the players not mentioned, you find scummy?

Who do you think is the best lynch for today? The person you’re voting? Deadline is in less than 12 hours.

Riley is easily the best lynch imo, i havent seen them do much to push the game forward and pyx was scumreading them before he died.

I need to do more scum-sorting tho

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I think I can go there, yeah. They pinged me on day 1 but I haven’t seen anything terrible from them technically