MiscPick - Game Over!

Guys, let’s rematch. I’d really love for Urist to host another miscpick, if it isn’t too hard making the roles. It’s ultra fun and I really loved so much what role and flavor he gave me, which was why I put in so much effort into this game.

I also want to choose something new and see what I get. Who is up for a rematch!

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nah getting roleblocked by wolves and wolves having a counter to all of my inventions (player who commutes others trumping a jailkeep that takes two turns to even work was really off putting), and my role was bastard as fuck given it was decidedly anti town with skygazer’s role considering I target 3 people with useless inventions a night.


jailkeep doesn’t even work against a made up commuter who targets other people. How does that take precedence over being in prison?

You were super loud that metal was a pgo given your random ass decision to give extra voting power to a scumread.

and the inventions are useless with the exception of the investigative on how many actions one can take god forbid the targets can even receive or use said inventions.

The idea was to call their bluff by targeting them successfully at night…then come in the next day and say “guys, MS is obviously scum, lynch the fuck out of them tomorrow, and let’s find the partner today.” Then I’d likely be NKed N3, but I could give two people an extra vote (likely you and Sky, possibly screen instead of Sky), while making those same people functionally unlynchable.

I probably could’ve played it a little better, but I was trying to walk the line between staying alive and breadcrumbing MS being scum in case I didn’t survive. Maybe should’ve just yelled it loud instead. It definitely wasn’t a random decision to target MS though, that part was calculated.

Anyways, I was briefly hopeful you saw the same thing I did early on D3, but definitely don’t blame you for backing off it, given the unfortunate (for town) NK that made it look like MS was a PGO.

Also, I would definitely play another game like this sometime.

im suprised i lived so long

drink ball juice. You can cop it from your mans ms.

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just the fact that you were on edge about him makes you more likely a nk target and it feels like you didn’t take in account the obvious train of events that happens if you are right i.e. get nightkilled for sussing ms. You shoulda been louder, cause that death pmuch cleared ms fakeclaim. breadcrumbing is pro-scum since they have more eyes to pick up on it vs town. idk if my inventions were outted by that point, but given those don’t publicly tell the thread hey this player targetted you. idk man that was a ballsy as fuck gambit.

just saying I don’t believe the pgo and policy lynch it in lylo woulda been a far better play.

shrugs Eh, quite possibly. I wanted a harder guilty to force through though, cause I didn’t think I’d be able to cut through the chatter and BS without it.

I also just didn’t really think I’d be the NK, cause I thought they’d go after wider townreads/more useful roles before me. That’s probably a site meta difference.

Thanks <3 I might run something like this again in December. It does take quite a lot of effort to design (I think I spent well over 20 hours on the setup), and time is definitely a constraint for me these days.

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Already /in

Vizzy didn’t have a commute, that was a fakeclaim. MS’s role was designed to effectively neutralize one town role in the game, and that happened to be you. Sorry, I realize now that MS’s role, while fun for him, kinda screws the fun of the guy who gets targeted.
If I run this again I won’t make it something stupid like 2-9, which pretty much prevents me from giving the town anything useful.

Incidentally, I thought that was the most useless part of my role, until I realized I hit an inventor. Many things went right for me this game and town shouldn’t blame themselves so much.

wolves always kill who is publicly sussing them unless it fucks with the poe, which your role does too (though it wasn’t claimed at the time so irrelevant).

nah I drunk tweeted mod notes day 1 which kinda outted me to metal at least, so yeah bad play.

lie about targetting him then, :wink:

No…the wolves you’re used to always do that. I’m not an MS or MU player, the meta I’m familiar with is different, and still trips me up in these games on occasion.

Also, strongly considered lying about targeting MS N1…but by the time I was reasonably sure MS was scum, it would’ve been weird as fuck that I hadn’t outed he was lying about his PGO if I had actually targeted him N1…and then I probably get mislynched and everyone shrugs and moves on the next day.