MiscPick - Game Over!

Final Vote: impulse

This is pretty straightforward
Good night folks

boom bye town

Bye bye

Vote Count 4.Final

impulse (3) - Andresvmb, Vizzy, Metal Sonic
Vizzy (2) - impulse, Erika Furudo

Not Voting (0)

Deadline falls September 24, 2018 5:30 AM (Europe: Paris), September 23, 2018 8:30 PM (America: Los Angeles).

impulse was town. MS and Vizzy win as scum. I’ll edit this post for a lynch scene later.




I never had a chance this game. I’m sorry I sucked there.

lesson of the day, always do the thing and lynch in multiple hoods/hoodmakers.


Andres you played well. You made me nervous because I had no idea where you were going to go, and you were a strong player replacing in with a new perspective. It’s just that I had way more control in this game (and great motivation from my really fun role). It’s a pity that this game wasn’t so active or hype so the win didn’t feel that satisfying. I even feel guilty for being scum and neighborizing Erika, but I had to do it since I’d do it as town, and not neighborizing them would have been a scumclaim.

And I actually came in Scum reading you. The issue I had that I could not overcome is the PGO claim. That really messed things up in my head, and made me discount my read. But yeah well played man props to you. Flawless victory for the Scum. And the Town at the end there had it - they were voting Vizzy, Erika and Impulse. So I just ruined it for us.

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Yeah, that made me pretty nervous! Claims aside (I’ll let Urist reveal our roles, and you will see), Lylos end up this way, almost always 3-2. It’s hard for town for a reason — all the town must vote scum correctly, otherwise they lose (unless scum is bussing, which would mean that they are losing ground and in a shaky position anyway).

You certainly played much better than Skygazer, she’d be powerlynched way earlier than you would have survived, especially with Erika onto them. You did spectacularly in removing yourself from the lynch table, which, if you noticed, I was trying to keep you on, until I decided it was too difficult.

Carrying Vizzy was also a challenge. I had to do a lot of coaching to keep him off towns radar. I’m glad that they’re a good listener and obedient learner. They also respond and act reasonably fast, which is a good quality for a mentee. I was concerned that I might have to bus them at the start of the game, and having to solo the game on my own, but I’m glad this was not necessary.

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I feel bad about playing scum against Erika though. Especially when I neighborized them to talk about out-of-game stuff, but they started to talk about in-game stuff. At some points I wanted to stop conversation with her because it’s too cruel for me to do it as scum.

As far as I could tell, I didn’t outright manipulate or attempt to pocket them hard though, because they were my friend. I tried to be as diplomatic and honest with my answers to Erika as possible, keeping it NAI, though also avoiding outright gamethrowing.

Congrats mafia, vizzy was good and MS played extremely well and you guys earned this

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Gtacc you were great, I’m sorry they lynched you. I tried my best to save you :frowning:

No problem, if it wasnt for your fakeclaim I would not get lynched

Btw did anyone realize that this chat will lock after 14 minutes

Well played guys

Wasnt the thing where someone… skygazer neighborised MS … and she didn’t die through ms pgo a thing brought up into the thread? Nanook mentioned it I think. Is that why he was night killed?

Yes, Nanook died because he was scumreading me. That’s the long and short of it, really.