MiscPick Mafia Private Topic

Hey y’all, enjoy chatting in here at any time. See below for role PMs.

Metal Sonic

These roles are so cool! But, I am afraid to see what powers town has. Looks like I’ll have to play this tactically.

After careful analysis, we should start the game with judging gaze on the player who we suspect to have the strongest power role. If determined as a threat, I delete them. If not, delay and play by ear.


and thats probably the best plan yeah

also lets refer to the different transformations as cat, black hole, and dog (in order of listing on role pm)

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But I’d rather call it eyes, pac man and evil thing


By the way, I can give you guys safeclaims before the game starts. Just wanted to get the roles out so we could do confirmations.
If there’s ever a certain ability you want to claim, give me a description and I’ll tell you what it would be called.



btw i can use judging gaze d1 and undeniable evil n1

Yes but it overlaps with my killing. We will see.

Meanwhile, I have decided very early that I will be using my neighborise on user Naana. This will be done n1. We will see who has a good role, and if necessary, I kill them. I may choose to accelerate or not that night

We have a lot of time before the game starts so feel free to discuss strategy here


If we use judging gaze, will we receive the results immediately or receive them the next phase?

All of vizzy’s day abilities will resolve immediately

Vizzy uses: Judging Gaze on Impulse


unthinkable evil makes me black hole now btw

you mean evil eyed dog

no the pacman reek guy
maybe submitting images was a bad idea
jk i got an amazing role it was worth it