Miscellany uPick (Mod Notes)

Metal Sonic KuroYukiHime from the anime ACCEL WORLD
Vizzy pics below
Srceenplay The universe
Skygazer an air traffic controller
Clem The loving embrace of a cup of warm hot chocolate on a frigid winters day
Erika Furudo Internet addiction
RedFlavor Heart Lurker
Mantis Cygnus x-1; black hole
pyx a direwolf puppy named spruce
impulse konata izumi
Riley Cake cake!!!

Vizzy's role


Role PMs

Metal Sonic
Erika Furudo
Riley Cake


Day One

Skygazer neighborizes pyx.
Skygazer neighborizes Invisibility.
Skygazer neighborizes Srceenplay.
Invisibility rolecops Srceenplay.
GTacc infests Skygazer.
GTacc target-limits Skygazer to Invisibility, Mantis, Nanook.

Night One

pyx recruits ErikaFurudo.
Invisibility kills impulse.
MetalSonic mentors ErikaFurudo.
ErikaFurudo upgrades.
Skygazer blocks Nanook.
impulse mimics pyx.
RileyCake upgrades.
Srceenplay censuses.
Nanook mayorizes ErikaFurudo, Skygazer.

Day Two

Skygazer neighborizes Nanook.
Skygazer neighborizes Srceenplay.
Skygazer neighborizes Invisibility.
Skygazer neighborizes ErikaFurudo.
Skygazer neighborizes MetalSonic.
Invisibility rolecops Nanook.
GTacc infests Invisibility.
GTacc target-limits Invisibility to impulse, RileyCake, Nanook.

Night Two

Invisibility delays impulse.
MetalSonic superkills Nanook.
MetalSonic limits ErikaFurudo to MetalSonic, Invisibility.
ErikaFurudo supergifts impulse jail.
ErikaFurudo gifts Skygazer track.
ErikaFurudo gifts Srceenplay protect.
Skygazer blocks GTacc.
impulse self-copies Skygazer.
Srceenplay censuses.
Nanook mayorizes MetalSonic.

Night Three

Invisibility tracks impulse.
MetalSonic superkills Srceenplay.
MetalSonic limits ErikaFurudo to MetalSonic, Invisibility.
ErikaFurudo gifts impulse ability count.
ErikaFurudo gifts MetalSonic elect.
Skygazer blocks impulse.
impulse jails Invisibility.
Srceenplay voyeurs ErikaFurudo.

Oh this looks fun! Looking forward to digging in tomorrow!

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What’s the difference between the black lotus kill and the ordinary night kill? Is there an ordinary scum night kill, or is it either the black lotus kill and the metamorphic kill?

They’re ordinary scum kills, just represented in a different way. I suppose it would be a good idea to make that more clear.

The amazon addiction - it’s a vendor-type ability, but the recipient thinks they got a 1-shot ability of some sort?

Not sure I understand how warped spacetime with call of the void works.

If they are targeted at night n times then they will use warped spacetime n+1 times?

When I was going over the roles last night, I thought that Erika’s ability was a bit dry, lacking meat. Messenger + fruit vendor is a bit on the boring side. I was apprehensive about that one, and now that you bring it up, I’m not sure it’s a great idea. What do you think?

With copy homework, they get a 1-shot of the ability that was used on them?

If they are targeted by two people, they will use warped spacetime on those two people reflexively. So yes, it is effectively n+1.

They just copy the ability to themselves. So if they target someone making the kill, they will also be killed.

I’m not sure I understand how it works. Erika will know that the gift isn’t functional, but the person receiving the gift thinks it will do something? What will your message to the recipient look like?

Hm. I was going to send them something like this:


What do you think about changing it to a limited inventor? i.e. keep it the same, but make the item do something (the receiver still won’t know exactly what it does, but Erika might be able to find things on Amazon that describe the ability well enough).
I would limit this to maybe 8 different one-shot gifts. So he wouldn’t be able to give a jailkeep or cop ability 8 times.

I like the sound of that.

So it goes like this?

Erika picks something from amazon, hoping, say, a stethoscope, will give the target a doctor ability, and you decide what the item from amazon will actually do?

I was thinking more like, he chooses to send a doctor ability, and picks a stethoscope, hoping that conveys the right idea. It wouldn’t be particularly difficult to play, but I think it would be fun and/or interesting.

So, the recipient guesses what the invention does and decides whether to use it and who to use it on based on their guess?


It’s hard to guess how balanced this is! It’s swingy, in that there are potential upgrades that add a kill or that make someone kill-immune. The impact of the vote modifier could be interesting. But the roles look fun, and in a short game day situation the interactions should be pretty hilarious.

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If Vizzy is the last scum, will the “can’t kill 2 phases in a row” limitation still be in effect?