MiscPick Dead Thread

u ded.

Welcome to the grave, pyx

There was this one time… at puppy camp… and I died.

So you know what a Packhunting Vigilante Auto-Governor is, right? 'Cause I think Urist may have gotten into someones old stash of herbal remedies.

I had to look up what a Reflexive Bookie-Neighborizer is.

Vigilante and Governor are legit roles
Auto is a legit role modifier.
Packhunting I had to make up because that part of your role was novel.
So all in all it’s only 25% BS.

Actually pyx you only died because the scumkill was redirected to you.
So sad.

I can well imagine we all start as regular baked potatoes, but when one experiments with all the possible toppings it’s really quite glorious.

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Potato cakes.

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Haha! Just saw this. You might be right. What is an auto governor? He explained the bit about you acquiring a pack to me

I governorate each member of my pack so they don’t die if lynched but rather their alignment is revealed.

That would have been interesting

HI!!! who’s the mafiasies?

ms and vizzy

Pyx dont click here if you dont want spoilers



Dang it. Stop angleshooting, calling MS’ bluff was half the point of mayorizing them!