MS - Erika mentorship

Hey guys! You can chat here during the night.

Hey guys, this PT is open for business.

yooo. Holy tits

Sucks that this is a night chat. I thought we could play hangman and post Karen memes all day

dude you can post mod notes or something?? lol

god why is this a night chat only

Can we talk via discord

Ya go for it; just post the transcript here for the benefit of people who like reading PTs in postgame, if you don’t mind.

Erika u flaking?

I was only able to post a note in day 1. I think it switches each day between specific people.

I didn’t wanna use this hood for ~reasons~ but I guess that was a dumb thought.

because pts suck and you’d rather use discord?

too fucking bad, it only works at night so time is limited

so you gonnaa give me an invention? bae

holy tits

would it help if I got urist to rename the chat to anarchy


whys you asking me to visit you as pgo?

I can turn it on and off