Sky's Jester Nightless: The League of Illusionists [GAME OVER]

Sky’s Jester Nightless: The League of Illusionists

Welcome! Thanks for your consideration in joining us. The League of Illusionists is one of the world’s oldest magical institutions. Since our foundation in 1987, we’ve upheld a strict moral code, promoting a very important aspect of the magic community: secrecy. There is no greater crime than the revelation of a trick an illusion, whether it’s your own trick illusion, or someone else’s trick illusion. Such an infraction, no matter how benign or accidental, will always lead to an expulsion from the League of Illusionists. Now that we’ve gotten that main bit out of the way, let’s move on to some paperwork…

The Magicians
1. Urist
2. Mantis
3. ErikaFurudo
4. Nanook
5. the_worst
6. NotMafia
7. Not_Jester
8. Andresvmb
9. Ellibereth

  1. Urist
  2. ErikaFurudo
  3. Nanook
  4. NotMafia
  5. Not_Jester
  6. Andresvmb
  7. Ellibereth

Mantis, Mafia, Lynched Day 1
the_worst, Town, Lynched Day 2


Day 1 Start
VC 1.1
VC 1.2
VC 1.3
VC 1.4
VC 1.5
VC 1.6
VC 1.7
VC 1.8
VC 1.9
VC 1.10
VC 1.11
VC 1.12
VC 1.13
VC 1.14
End of Day 1/Start of Day 2
VC 2.1
VC 2.2
VC 2.3
VC 2.4
VC 2.5
End of Day 2/Start of Day 3

Setup Information

Setup Information
6 Vanilla Townies
2 Mafia Goons
1 Jester

This game is nightless.
Mafia has daytalk.
The jester will suicide and lose at the start of Day 4.
A jester lynch ends the game.

Role PMs

Vanilla Townie

Welcome, [Player]! You are a Vanilla Townie.


  • You have no abilities other than your voice and your vote.

Win Conditions:

  • You win if all threats to the town are eliminated and at least one town-aligned player is alive.

Mafia Goons

Welcome, [Player]! You are Mafia Goons.


  • Factional Communication: At any time, you may talk to your group here. A discord server can also be arranged if desired.

Win Conditions:

  • You win if at least half of the living players are mafia (or if nothing can prevent the same).


Welcome, [Player]! You are a Jester.


  • Suicide: On Day 4, you will commit suicide and exit the game.

Win Conditions:

  • You win if you are lynched at any time.
  1. Do not talk about other ongoing games in this thread.
  2. No game-related communication outside of this thread unless your role specifically allows it.
  3. Do not quote private communication of any kind. Paraphrasing is okay.
  4. Prods will go out after 48 hours of no activity. If another 24 hours passes with no activity, a replacement for your slot will be sought. An excessive number of accumulated prods may result in a replacement. Let me know if you won’t be available for a bit ahead of time!!
  5. Lynches will be achieved through a simple minority. Please use vote tags to vote or I may miss it.
  6. Don’t be a muffin, play nice!

Role PMs are all out! The game will start when seven players have confirmed.

As you saunter into the designated meeting place of the League of Illusionists, the Gothic Castle, your nostrils are immediately confronted with an immense musk. Yes, that scent, wafting up your nose and assaulting your sinuses, is unmistakable; it’s the smell of magic. You’re greeted by a peculiar looking host: his gaunt frame and oily black hair remind you of a Harry Potter character.

“Welcome to the Gothic Castle,” says the mystery man. “My name is Alan Rickman and I’ll be your waiter for this evening. I have no relation to the dead actor. We’ve got quite a show for you this evening! You did come here for magic, right? If you’re looking for the underground gay bar with a similar name, that’s a couple of blocks down the street.” Alan awkwardly pauses. “Oh? You’re here for the magic? I knew you were a person of fine taste! Let me take you to your seat!”

Three exhilarating hours pass by. The night is filled with card tricks, sleight of hand, smoke and mirrors, sword play, and, of course, classic 80’s music. Finally, the last magician enters the stage to the sounds of synthesizers, drums lathered in gated reverb, and the faint hum of a fog machine.

“Greetings!,” he bellows. His presence immediately commands the attention of everyone in the room. “My name, if you don’t already know, is Max the Magnificent!” Max takes off his fedora and throws it into the cheering audience. “Tonight, I’m going to attempt one of the most dangerous tricks ever attempted in the Gothic Castle. With the help of magic, I shall saw my wonderful assistant in half before your very eyes!” The audience gasps in terror.

As a tall blonde woman walks out onstage and climbs into a box, Max somehow retrieves a large hacksaw from his sleeve. You can see the weak-hearted frantically averting their gaze as he saws the box in half and seperates the two sections. As the top half smiles to the audience and the bottom half wiggles it’s feet, you start to hear creaking. It’s subtle at first, but soon you notice the top partition start to wobble and shift on stage. Next thing you know, that half of the box collapses and opens up, revealing that the tall blonde assistant had her knees folded up inside the top box all along.

“No!,” Max screamed, “I’m ruined!” Security guards rush the stage, abusively dragging Max off while screams are hurled from the audience.

“Rat!,” one woman screams. “Secret Slipper!,” shouts another.

After a few minutes of pure chaos, Alan takes the stage. “Oh my, now that’s never happened here! That’s a damn shame. Such talent, wasted.” Alan pauses for dramatic effect. “Now, as we were, erm, taking care of Max, he mentioned something about traitors in our midst. While I don’t want to alarm anyone, I’m afraid we had to take precautions and secure the building until we can all sort this out. Don’t worry, everything will go back to normal shortly! I’m sure that none of you would even hurt a fly, we just have to stay vigilant in protecting our secrets.”

With 7/9 confirmations, the game may begin! With 9 alive, it takes 5 to reach a lynch. There is currently no deadline.


VOTE: Not_Jester

Thou doth protesteth too much, methinks.

I will hammer all wagons to prove I’m not the jester :shifty:

I love anime XD

VOTE: Not_Jester

VOTE: Not_Jester

VOTE: Unvote

VC 1.1

Not_Jester (L-3): Not_Jester, the_worst

Not Voting: Urist, Mantis, ErikaFurudo, Nanook, NotMafia, Andresvmb, Ellibereth

If you want to become a good magician, you better pocus on your craft!

Damn that’s a good post. Wish I thought of that one.

VOTE: not_jester L-1

Should’ve known it would be this kind of game.

i am not hammering!! i’m cleared!!!

Urist is heater



  • jester. :slight_smile:

He’s only at L-2, I unvoted.