Universal Site Rules - these apply everywhere:

  1. Don’t maliciously exploit the software (if you find a bug please report it!).
  2. Don’t do or post anything illegal.
  3. Don’t post pornography.
  4. Don’t use language that has a history of negative associations with oppressed groups.

Default In-game Rules: This is our default in-game rule set - game hosts are free to adjust to their preference but the below will be assumed true unless otherwise noted.

  1. Don’t communicate publicly or with other players about ongoing games.
  2. Don’t provide information about a game to others in the game that shouldn’t have it, even if you aren’t playing.
  3. Don’t publicly post your role pm/any private communication that may include meta-data.
  4. If someone involved with a game finds a particular topic or word offensive (within reason) and asks you to stop discussing/using it please respect that.
  5. Don’t purposefully try to lose a game.

If you have any questions about these please contact @Ellibereth, @chesskid3, or @Key.