M19 Doc 14 Game Thread - Mafia win!

Welcome to M19 “Doc14, featuring robots,” hosted by @Arete .

This is a Chief Delphi community game – anyone can join, but the playstyle and volume level will likely be more typical of other Chief Delphi games rather than typical M451 games. (Historically, Chief Delphi games have often had a few thousand posts.)

The game will be “flavored” around fictional robots. If you want to request a specific fictional robot you can DM me privately, otherwise I’ll assign you one. Flavor will be NAI and non-role-indicative.

Game notes

  • The game will start when full. If we can’t get 14 players, we may run a modified 10p version of the setup, if everyone agrees.
  • The game will have 48/24 phases, with EoD scheduled at 2022-06-30T01:00:00Z on the relevant day.
  • The Town win condition is “Eliminate all members of the Mafia.” The Mafia win condition is “Reach parity with the Town.”
  • Executions will be by both majority and plurality.
  • No-elimination is a valid vote.
  • In the case of a tie between no-elimination and some number of other options, no-elimination will have priority; in all other cases of ties, mafia will decide who is eliminated. Mafia may presubmit how they wish ties to be decided. In the event that they do not submit this and no mafia members are around to decide the outcome of the tie, the tie will be broken such that a town member is eliminated if possible, and otherwise randomly decided.
  • Votes will be locked in LyLo (eliminate-correctLY or LOse) scenarios but not in MyLo (eliMinate incorrectlY and LOse) scenarios – that is, votes are locked when town must eliminate a member of the mafia to avoid a loss, but not locked if Town can mechanically no-eliminate and still win.
  • The Mafia nightkill is compulsive (must target a living player every night) and may only target town. If the Mafia do not submit a nightkill, it will be randomized among valid targets.
  • The Doctor may not self-target or target the same player two nights in a row.

Role List

1x Town Doctor
10x Vanilla Town
3x Mafia Goon

Rules: From Chief Delphi
  1. Follow the Chief Delphi and Mafia451 forum rules.
  2. Be respectful to the hosts and your fellow players. Attacking other players in a personal manner is strictly forbidden.
  3. Don’t throw the game. Always play with the intent of helping your faction win.
  4. Don’t be inactive. If you do not post meaningfully within 24 hours or at least five times in any given phase, you will be prodded. Receiving two prods or failing to respond to a prod within 12 hours will result in your removal from the game. Zero-posting in a given day phase that does not end early to majority will result in your immediate removal from the game. Attempts to “prod dodge” by barely meeting this limit are discouraged.
  5. Do not discuss the game outside of the game. Anywhere. It’s not worth it.
  6. No editing or deleting posts for any reason without express moderator permission.
  7. No posting after the majority is reached or at night. Repeated or egregious failure to comply will result in your removal from the game.
    8: Do not quote/screenshot private host messages. They’re private for a reason.
    9: Angleshooting is strictly prohibited. This involves any and all methods outside of the game thread that may help determine a player’s alignment, including your own. If this occurs accidentally, PM the hosts. If this occurs intentionally, it may be considered cheating. Since this is not a standard rule on M451, if you are unsure what qualifies, please ask privately in your role PM.
  8. Keep the thread clean of outside influence. Dead players cannot interact with those alive in any way, including liking posts in the game thread, or voting in polls. Living players, likewise, should direct all questions to the hosts through PMs, rather than just pinging them in the thread. No vote counts will be given by the dead, nor will they end the day.
  9. Do not edit the OP for any reason without host permission. If you believe you can make a positive contribution, PM the hosts first.
  10. It’s a game - have fun!
Sample Role PMs

Baymax, Vanilla Town

You are Baymax, Vanilla Town. Your only weapons are your voice and your vote.
Eliminate all members of the Mafia.

Baymax, Town Doctor

You are Baymax, Town Doctor. Every night, you may target a player, protecting them from kills that night.
Eliminate all members of the Mafia.

Baymax, Mafia Goon

You are Baymax, Mafia Goon. You and your partners share an assigned factional kill, which must be used every night.
Reach parity with the Town.

Other notes

Please make sure to read all the rules of this site as well, some of them are quite different from Chief Delphi’s.
Links to helpful information are below.

  • Any additional questions can be asked below.


Day 1 Execution - JKBear was Mafia Goon
End of Night 1 - No one died!
Day 2 Execution - EricH was Vanilla Town
End of Night 2 - orangeandblack5 was Vanilla Town
Day 3 Execution - Quin was Vanilla Town
End of Night 3 - Firekitten was Town Doctor
Day 4 Execution - Squirrel2412 was Mafia Goon
End of Night 4 - Aelin was Vanilla Town
Day 5 Execution - Gellnick was Vanilla Town
End of Night 5 - min was Vanilla Town
Day 6 Execution - Dwai was Vanilla Town
End of Night 6 - mollylikesorigami was Vanilla Town
Day 7 Execution - laserlab was Vanilla Town


All rolecards have been sent out. Please confirm that you have received your rolecard.

The game will begin 2022-07-12T01:00:00Z.




“Hello and welcome to the Future Robotics Celebration!” said the announcer, as robots from across the multiverse rolled into the entrance hall. “Robot inspection is in room 33-A, and the opening ceremony is scheduled to start in sixty-two minutes and thirteen seconds!”

Seventy-eight minutes and forty-five seconds later, the opening ceremony finally began. Two announcers ran up to the makeshift stage that had been constructed in the gymnasium.

“Welcome to the 2122 Future Robotics Celebration!” said the first announcer. “This year’s theme is: The Better Turing Test!”

“Wow!” said the second announcer, repeating obviously-scripted lines. “What makes this Turing Test better?”

“Well,” said the first announcer, “normally, the Turing Test features a human and a robot both trying to convince another human that they’re a human. The problem is, humans are incredibly easy to fool!”

The announcer hit a button on a remote, and a video began to play on the screen behind them.

Human volunteer: “So, are you human?”

Robot: “Like, duh, obviously.”

Arete: “Of course! I love partaking in human activities, such as socialization.”

Human volunteer: “Wow. I’ve got to say, that second answer is about the least convincing thing I’ve ever heard. I’m pretty sure you could have just told me outright you were a robot and I’d have been more willing to believe you were human.”

The first announcer turned back to the audience. “In any case, we came up with a better idea! Rather than having humans compete against robots to fool other humans, we’re going to have robots compete against each other to fool other robots!”

“Wow!” said the second announcer. “How does that work?”

“Essentially, each robot has been assigned to a ‘side,’” said the first announcer. “An alliance, if you will. The Town Alliance has eleven robots, none of whom know who each other are. One of those robots also came equipped with a kit of emergency repair supplies. The Mafia Alliance has three robots, who know each other’s identity.”

“Wow!” said the second announcer. “Is there anything else we should know?”

“Great question!” said the first announcer. “During each round of competition, everyone will have the opportunity to vote on which robot they think is part of the Mafia Alliance. In addition, the Mafia Alliance will also have the chance to eliminate a robot from the Town Alliance between each round of competition. The only thing that can prevent a robot being eliminated is the emergency repair robot.”

“Wow!” said the second announcer. “I’ve got to say, anything that requires an emergency repair kit sounds a little dangerous.”

“Well, they’d better figure out the Mafia Alliance robots quickly!” said the first announcer.


Day one has begun. It will end in 48 hours, at 2022-07-14T01:00:00Z, or earlier if a majority is reached for execution. With 14 players alive, majority is 8.



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wow your so special

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Wait fuck gifs dont work on mobile

your the king now
vote scum today or we execute you tomorrow

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VOTE: Squirrel2412

This is what you get for sweeping the Blue Jays.


To start, I’m going to vote the person I think likes me the least.

And I’ll refuse to vote who I think likes me the most. That’s my strategy today.

VOTE: JKBear331

I won’t vote Orange today.

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Boom. I’m excited. Haven’t played in forever and I’m going to suck hard.

Actually, Firekitten has an ever so slightly Scummy entrance. There, I said it.

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When am I going to learn I really shouldn’t play this game when i am sleepy cause I read that as “to start I’m going to vote the person that i like the least” was really offended as to why it was me. But nah we good @Andresvmb