FRC M20 Signups


Welcome to FRC M20! This game will be a little different - No one (not even me!) knows what roles will be included before the game starts.

Currently, I’m planning on 15-16 players, but this number can change depending on interest.


For this game we will be running a Mostly Closed Potentially Rolemadness game.

  • Days will be 72 hours long
  • Nights will be 24 hours long
  • Mafia will get a factional night kill. A Mafia member cannot carryout the night kill if they are performing another night action. A factional nightkill is mandatory, even if all Mafia members have abilities. In this case, the Mafia must decide which member will not use their action. If no member is chosen, a random member will be chosen to carryout the nightkill and their action will not be used.
  • All night actions must be set in 60 min prior to SOD.

Town win when they eliminate all Mafia, including any Traitor.


Mafia win when the number of Mafia is equal to or greater than the number of Town.


The Traitor is Mafia Aligned, but will not be part of the Mafia group chat at the beginning of the game. They will only join the Mafia group chat if the Mafia can successfully guess their identity.

Mafia will get one guess (as a group) each night. If they guess correctly, the Traitor will join their chat. However, they must be careful because they could nightkill the Traitor by mistake.

The Traitor will automatically take over the mafia nightkill if all other Mafia are killed, before they are found by the Mafia; however, they will not be added to the Mafia group chat.

The Traitor has a 50% chance to exist.


Love is neither aligned with Town or Mafia, but instead Love, as well as the two Lovers sharing a chat, must survive until the beginning of Day 4. If this is accomplished, Love wins and the game continues.

Love has a 50% chance to exist.


The Pseudojester does not start the game as aligned with any alignment, but will instead join the alignment of the player that kills or eliminates the Pseudojester.

The Pseudojester has a 50% chance to exist.

The below roles may or may not exist. Roles will be randomized prior to the start of the game, as well as quantity. Roles that are alignment-specific will be marked as such in this post.

Each role has a hidden probability assigned to it, as well as a strength. The strength is used to determine how many roles for a specific faction are in the game. There is a 50-50 chance of the Traitor and Love existing. The probability of each role is the probability that it will be in the game.

A positive strength indicates a role that predominantly helps Town. A negative strength indicates a role that predominantly helps Mafia.

A random strength between 0 and 20 will be rolled before I choose any roles. Once the strength of one faction’s roles hits that limit, I will continue to roll all other factions until they hit approximately this limit (give or take 5)

No roles or modifiers can be hidden. All modifiers and limitations to a specific role will be included in the role card.

The number of Mafia (Not including the traitor) will be revealed at the start of the game. Existence of the Traitor will not be confirmed at this time.

All possible roles and strengths

The Alignment Cop can only be Town aligned.
Alignment Cop Strength: 10

The Arsonist can only be Mafia or the Traitor.
Arsonist Strength: 5

The Bodyguard can be Town or Mafia but will always protect a member of their alignment.
Bodyguard Strength: 4

The Cannoneer can only be Mafia.
Cannoneer Strength: 5

Death can only be the Traitor.
Death Strength: 2

The Doctor can be any alignment.
Doctor Strength: 6

The Fruit Vendor can be any alignment.
Fruit Vendor Strength: 1

The Gunsmith can be any alignment, but cannot exist if the Inventor exists.
Gunsmith Strength: 6

The Illusioner can be any alignment.
Illusioner Strength: 5

The Innocent Child can only be Town aligned.
Innocent Child Strength: 3

The Inventor can be any alignment.
Inventor Strength: 8

The Jailkeeper can be any alignment, and cannot exist if the Jack of all Trades exists.
Jailkeeper Strength: 5

The Jack of all Trades can be any alignment, and cannot exist if the Jailkeeper exists.
Jack of all Trades Strength: 5

Love is a third party alignment that has a special win condition.
Love Strength: N/A

The Messenger can be any alignment, but cannot exist if the Neighborizer exists.
Messenger Strength: 7

The Miller can only be Town but can only exist if the Alignment Cop does.
Miller Strength: 3

The Motion Detector can be any alignment.
Motion Detector Strength: 3

The Neighborizer can be any alignment, but cannot exist if the Messenger exists.
Neighborizer Strength: 7

The Godfather can only be Mafia or the Traitor, and can only exist if the Alignment Cop exists.
Godfather Strength: 6

The Pardoner can be any alignment.
Pardoner Strength: 4

Time can only be Town.
Time Strength: 9

The Pseudojester has its own alignment.
Pseudojester Strength: N/A

The Role Cop can be any alignment.
Role Cop Strength: 8

The Roleblocker can be any alignment.
Roleblocker Strength: 6

The Tracker can be any alignment.
Tracker Strength: 6

The Watcher can only be Mafia.
Watcher Strength: 7

The number of Town and Mafia will be determined once signups end. However, we will keep as close to a 1:4, scum to town, ratio as possible.


• Mafia 451 has a built-in voting feature - to vote, click the hammer button at the top of the editing screen and type in the name of the player you’re voting.
• Days 1-2 will have a deadline elimination - whoever has the most votes when the 72 hour timer expires will be eliminated.
• Days 3 and on will have a plurality elimination - if majority is reached on a player, the day will end immediately with their elimination, but if majority isn’t reached whoever has the most votes when the timer expires will be eliminated.
If majority has been reached, stop posting immediately. Repeated or egregious failure to comply will result in a modkill.


1.) Does Roleblocking apply to daytime abilities?

Nope. Role block only affects roles with Night actions.

2.)What happens if a Role Cop checks someone without a role?

The result they get back is VANILLA. Otherwise the RC would be almost better than the Alignment Cop in this setup which would make no sense.

3.) Can the Pardoner pardon his/herself from elimination?

No. The pardoner can save everyone else from elimination though.

4.) What is the traitor’s alignment if checked by the Alignment cop?

The Traitor is still counted as town if not recruited. So an Alignment cop will get back whatever result a check on an Innocent Town would return. However if the Traitor is ever “found” by the mafia, their Alignment changes to Scum. If checked after recruited, or on the Night of recruitment the check will return Scum.

5.) What happens if the Traitor is investigated by a Cop the same Night Mafia recruit him/her?

Investigation is one of the last night actions we resolve, whereas Traitor will be before it. So if the traitor gets recruited the Cop will see them as Scum the next day.

6.) Can the neighborizer be stopped by roleblocker or jailkeeper?

No. The Neighborizer action takes place at the beginning of the night or when the Neighborizer chooses their new neighbor. All other actions are resolved at the end of night, just before start of day.

Feel free to ask below if you have any questions.

For those of you new to this site: Click the /in button at the top left of this post to join.
Please make sure to read all the rules of this site as well, some of them are quite different from Chief Delphi’s.
Links to helpful information are below.

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Sitting out of games for the time being, boutta travel out of the country and don’t wanna have to replace out of anything

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Currently planning to start ~August 13

I’m starting my job right around then but if you end up needing a replacement feel free to DM me and I’ll see if I can make it work

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This may change relating to interest levels.

Yeah that’s even worse lol

I mean at this rate it ain’t starting for 2 months lol

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Don’t remember my old account but I’ll sign up for this game I suppose.


@Seththeking i think lol

Yeah I don’t remember how to access the account so I made this one as a replacement.

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I can try


The Klinester’s back!




Credits to Squirrel for bullying me into this, no promises on activity level

Somone might have to ping me when this starts


Don’t worry I’ll make @Squirrel2412 spam you until you log on and ping you on discord


Out until some stuff at home is resolved, should be back in before the game but don’t wait for me.

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Either it starts in a week or a month or so lol

Due to low interest, M20 will not be starting until September. Date TBD.


Hmm ok.

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hi frens

my activity level will be low and I’m also painfully rusty so please be paitent with me lol