M16 Game Thread

Welcome to M16! This game is a continuation from Chief Delphi, as many of us wanted to play a game of Mafia together even though it’s currently banned on Chief. This game will be Star Wars themed due to player request.


For this game we will be running a “Pick Your Power” game.

  • Days will be 36 hours long
  • Nights will be 12 hours long
  • The Empire will get a factional night kill. A Empire member cannot carryout the night kill if they are performing another night action.
  • Prior to the game beginning there is a draft to determine the order for the bidding on roles.
Drafting Details
  • Once alignments have been dealt out, each player must pick two whole numbers (this is because someone tried to pick pi last time), between 1 and 15.

The player to pick the first unique number closest to 1 will be first in the draft order. However, if several players pick the same first number, they will all go to the bottom of the draft order. Then I would move on to the next lowest number (in this case, 2) and the same rules apply. If no other player has picked 2 as their first number, then the person who picked 2 will become first in the draft order. This continues until I get to 17 players.

Now, the second number is used to determine who goes first, in the event of players picking the same first number. The lowest number of the second number goes first and so on. In the event players picked the same two numbers, I will once again reset them to the back of the queue (for the order they are in). In the event that your first and second numbers both clash with another player’s numbers, you both go straight to the bottom of the order. So, if three players picked [4][1], [4][1] and [4][7], the two players with [4][1] are bumped below the player that picked [4][7] along with the original bump. Ultimately, the most unique number combination will get priority.

  • Here is an example draft:

Lets say the following players choose the following numbers.

Player A - [4][14]
Player B - [1][12]
Player C - [1][6]
Player D - [7][8]
Player E - [3][4]
Player F - [7][8]
Player G - [7][15]

Players B and C both picked 1. They go to the back of the queue. Player E is the next lowest # and the only one that picked 3. He/She goes first. Then player A since He/She is the only one to pick 4. Then Player D would have been next with 7 ahead of B and C, but Player’s F and G also picked 7 so they both go behind Players B and C.

Current Order: Bolded players are locked into position.

Player E
Player A

Player B
Player C
Player D
Player F
Player G

Now I just resolve Players B, C, D,F and G. Between B and C, I look at the second #. B has a 12, C has a 6. So C gets to pick before B.

Current Order: Bolded players are locked into position.

Player E
Player A
Player C
Player B

Player D
Player F

Now between D,F and G they all picked the same 1st numbers [7][?]. So I look at the second number to determine their order. Player G has a different number [7] [15] whereas D and F both have [7][8]. Same rule as before and G gets to pick before D and F.

Player E
Player A
Player C
Player B
Player G

Player D
Player F

In the case of D and F I do a discobot roll to determine who goes first since they have the same 2 numbers. For arguments sake lets say F got a 1 and D got a 3 on a dice roll. F goes before D.

Player E
Player A
Player C
Player B
Player G
Player F
Player D

note: In the case of ties it doesn’t matter how many people picked the same #. If 3 people picked [3][ ] and 2 people picked [7][*] where * is any arbitrary number 3s go before 7s. The order isn’t reset AGAIN per tie.

Simple right? Of course this is all done to create mind traps between Scum and Town for picking #s. Remember once this phase is done you will know what yout draft position. You just wont know what anyone elses draft position is or what roles got picked.

  • Once this has happened, each player will send in the “role pair” they’d like to choose thier role from. Only one role from each “pair” will be awarded, for example; there cannot be a Doctor and a Roleblocker in the game.
  • As such, in the event multiple players select the same role (or the same “pair”), the player highest in the draft order wins the role, whilst the others remain Vanilla.
  • Roles are then distributed.
  • Throughout the bidding phases, the thread is locked, however, the Empire may collude privately during this time and then again throughout the day.
13 X Republic

The Republic wins when they eliminate the Empire, including the Separatist.

3 X Empire

The Empire wins when the number of Empire is equal to or greater than the number of Republic.

1 X Separatist

The Separatist is Empire Aligned, but will not be part of the Empire group chat at the beginning of the game. They will only join the Empire group chat if the Empire can successfully guess their identity.

Empire will get one guess (as a group) each night. If they guess correctly, Separatist will join their chat. However, they must be careful because they could nightkill Separatist by mistake.

The Separatist will automatically take over the Empire nightkill if all other Empire are killed, before they are found by the Empire; however, they will not be added to the Empire group chat.

The below roles are available to be drafted by the Empire, Republic, or Separatist.

Night 3 Vigilante OR Vengeful

Night 3 Vigilante

On Night 3, you may target another player in the game to attempt to kill them.


When you are eliminated, you may target another player in the game to attempt to kill them.

Motion Detector OR Illusioner

Motion Detector

Will be told the names of any players who visited them.


Has a gun. May at any time choose a player to kill and a player to be seen as. The player that the Illusioner chooses to be seen as will be shown to kill the player the Illusioner chooses to kill. This is a one shot ability.

Alignment Cop OR Tracker

Alignment Cop

Each night phase, you may target one player in the game to investigate them. You will receive a result of “Empire”, “Republic”, or “No Result”.


Each night may track a target, and will learn who they visited.

3-Shot Commuter OR 3-Shot Watcher

3-Shot Commuter

Three times, at night, you may commute, rendering yourself unable to be targeted by any actions that phase.

3-Shot Watcher

Three times, at night, you may target one player in the game to watch them. If successful, you will learn which players in the game targeted them that phase, if anyone.

Doctor OR Roleblocker


Each night phase, you may target one player in the game to heal them. They will be protected from a single kill. You may not target yourself.


Each night phase, you may target another player in the game to attempt to block them from performing any night actions.

Universal Backup OR Role Cop

Universal Backup

After the first power role in your alignment has died, you will inherit their role. If the first roles to die are multiple people at night, you will inherit one of those roles randomly. You will also inherit any shots/uses remaining with the role.

Role Cop

Each night phase, you may target one player in the game to investigate them. You will receive either their role name or “No Result”. Goons and Vanilla Townies will return a result of “Vanilla”.

Neighborizer OR Fruit Vendor


Each night, you may choose a neighbor to add to a PM thread (the neighborhood) where they can communicate with you and the other neighbors that you choose on subsequent nights. Neighbors will remain in the neighborhood until they die and you may not remove a neighbor from the neighborhood. Communication between neighbors can only take place at night.

Fruit Vendor

Each night, you may target a player in the game and give them a piece of fruit. The fruit does nothing.

Jailkeeper OR Tracker


Each night phase, you may target another player in the game to attempt to jail them, blocking any night actions they might take and protecting them from a single kill.


Each night phase, you may target one player in the game to track them. If successful, you will learn which players in the game they targeted that phase, if any.

Pardoner or Veteran


You can save a player from elimination by PMing me in your role card PM that you want to save the player that will be eliminated. You can use this ability once. You can not Pardon yourself. The PM must be received by or immediately after (within 2 minutes) EoD. If you submit your pardon prior to EoD and that person is not eliminated, you will lose your ability to pardon.


You have the ability to survive 1 hit at night OR 1 elimination. This ability automatically takes effect, without additional action by you, if you are eliminated or nightkilled.

The number of Republic and Empire will be determined once signups end. However, we will keep as close to a 1:4, scum to town, ratio as possible.

Example Rolecards:





• Mafia 451 has a built-in voting feature - to vote, click the hammer button at the top of the editing screen and type in the name of the player you’re voting.
• Days 1-2 will have a deadline elimination - whoever has the most votes when the 36 hour timer expires will be eliminated.
• Days 3 and on will have a plurality elimination - if majority is reached on a player, the day will end immediately with their elimination, but if majority isn’t reached whoever has the most votes when the timer expires will be eliminated.
If majority has been reached, stop posting immediately. Repeated or egregious failure to comply will result in a modkill.


1.) Does Roleblocking apply to daytime abilities?

Nope. Role block only affects roles with Night actions.

2.)What happens if a Role Cop checks someone without a role?

The result they get back is VANILLA. Otherwise the RC would be almost better than the Alignment Cop in this setup which would make no sense.

3.) Can the Pardoner pardon his/herself from elimination?

No. The pardoner can save everyone else from elimination though.

4.) What is the Separatist alignment if checked by the Alignment Cop?

The Separatist is still counted as Republic if not recruited. So an Alignment cop will get back whatever result a check on an Innocent Republic would return. However if the Separatist is ever “found” by the Empire, their Alignment changes to Empire. If checked after recruited, or on the Night of recruitment the check will return Empire.

5.) What happens if the Separatist is investigated by a Cop the same Night Mafia recruit him/her?

Investigation is one of the last night actions we resolve, whereas Separatist will be before it. So if the traitor gets recruited the Cop will see them as Scum the next day.

6.) Can the neighborizer be stopped by roleblocker or jailkeeper?

No. The Neighborizer action takes place at the beginning of the night or when the Neighborizer chooses their new neighbor. All other actions are resolved at the end of night, just before start of day.

Please make sure to read all the rules of this site as well, some of them are quite different from Chief Delphi’s.
Links to helpful information are below.

Links to Important Posts:
(Skipping the first 5 or so posts in this thread because I’m too lazy to post anything I can get to faster than clicking a link)


If I don’t get all numbers by 2020-12-30T05:00:00Z, I will use an RNG generator to obtain the numbers I still need.


Everyone has replied with their numbers.

Please DM me if I made any mistakes. You should be able to tell what your draft position is.
Also, please DM me your role choices.

Draft Pos Player 1st No. 2nd No.
1 Player 1 5 1
2 Player 2 13 8
3 Player 3 14 8
4 Player 4 2 2
5 Player 5 2 3
6 Player 6 10 3
7 Player 7 10 4
8 Player 8 1 3
9 Player 9 1 1
10 Player 10 1 1
11 Player 11 4 1
12 Player 12 4 4
13 Player 13 4 13
14 Player 14 3 3
15 Player 15 3 5
16 Player 16 3 6
17 Player 17 3 13

Game will start 2021-01-01T17:00:00Z.

Role cards will be sent out soon.


Role cards should have been sent out.

Please PM me if you did not get your role card


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Day 1 Start.

The remnants of the Republic after its defeat by the two Sith Lords, Darth ------ and Darth ------, are struggling to regroup under the command of Jedi Master Yoda. However, unbeknownst to both the Republic and the Sith, a third faction has entered in the chaos left by the defeat of the Republic, the Separatist Faction. As the Sith are busy building a massive fleet of Squirrel-class Star Destroyers and Orange-class Star Cruisers at the Hypnos Shipyards to finish capturing the galaxy, the Republic attempts to disrupt some of their operations and gain the shipyards in order to build their own Kline-class transports and Groot-class starfighters. As the remnants of the Republic attack the Sith shipyards, Jedi Master Yoda senses the presence of a Darth ------, as well as another, unknown, power in the Force, a power never before known to the Jedi.

Note: Any inclusion in this story is purely coincidental and has no relevance whatsoever to the game.

Day 1 has started and will end 2021-01-03T05:00:00Z.

If you have any questions, please ask them in your role PM instead of in the game chat.

Yo yo yo

My numbers are 3 and 6, I have no role

Or do I

I was 4/4, no role

Also Darth is clearly one of them

If only darth was actually playing


The correct move is everyone claims no role btw

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I am here and ready to talk just like in the past but this time I also have slippers, blanket, sweater on with snow outside. Oh and also VOTE: @000peo

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Oh btw if somebody claims your numbers don’t freak out

I was straight up 17th in the draft lol - didnt get a role