How does Ranked work?

What is Ranked

Ranked is an opportunity to play games that people take #seriously. There will be extra stats measured and games will always be open in a certain range of balanced (50/50 to 60/40 mafia favored). The results and stats measured from these games will be displayed on their own on forthcoming Player Stats Pages. Top performers for certain metrics will get some recognition.

We will still endeavor to keep track of as many stats as we can from every game that’s played on site - we just think it’s poor practice to mix and match stats from a variety of formats and game types. Ranked will provide a level of consistency in both setup and attitude.

What stats will you keep track of?

The preliminary set of things we’ll keep track of (all things that are applicable will have an overall stat and one per-alignment):

  1. Win-rate
  2. Manner of death
  3. Time of death relative to the length of the game
  4. End of day result when alive (how often each alignment is lynched at the end of the day while you are alive relative to random). This does not take into account who you are voting - only the alignment of the lynched player
  5. Power role effectiveness when applicable
  6. Read accuracy

We may also keep track of more things like posts per day and things of that ilk. We hope these stats will paint a more complete of a player’s skill set than a pure win/loss ratio.

How will you measure read accuracy?

Every night all players submit:

Town: A, B, C
Mafia: D, E, F
Not sure: G, H, I

You can put any amount of people in any of the slots, all living players must be included, each name appearing once.

Lists within categories are unordered.

We will use these to compute a good approximation for how much better or worse a player’s reads are than random.

We recommend that scum players also prepare similar lists at night in order to successfully fake being town.

Behavior in ranked games

We ask that players take the game seriously and choose the lines they think will most likely to lead to a win. If you intend on lurking or not reading large chunks of the game ranked may not be for you! Furthermore we ask players that they keep games civil.

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At last. I enjoy some casual every now and then but I love to compete.

Will there be 60/40 in favor of town as well, or are we too townsided for that?

I’ve got some time to burn on manual data entry, let me know if/when you need the help.

Like top scum player, top town player, etc?

Understandable. They should be seperated by…queue, you could say. Casual should only be casual stats, ranked should only be ranked stats, etc.

I’m looking forward to it. What is a season going to look like? 1 game a week for 8 weeks, you must play at least 6?

I take it being night killed is less of a negative than being mislynched? Any chance you can give us some soft numbers, or let me do data entry for the earlier ranked games that finished and show numbers for those?

This seems rather contextual, how is this going to work?

No, Yes.

Neither is positive or negative. Higher or lower numbers for a lot of these aren’t necessary good or bad things - they’re just a reflection of what’s been happening in the game. For example if you’re a scum player and you have a stat that scum tend to be lynched while you’re alive…that’s not a bad thing if your overall scum winrate is high. It just means you’re a good scum player that probably busses.

Read accuracy measurement was defined in the post. It’s not perfect but I think its as good as an approximation as we’ll get without mind reading or effecting play.

Power role effectiveness not sure, it’ll be super limited to stuff like vigs probably.

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so whens the next game?

Small change:

Almost everyone had already been doing this but list submission format changed so scumreads (and consequently all reads) are ordered.