Ranked, At least 8

What is ranked and how does it work?

We’ll pick a role-lite open setup depending on how many players /in.

unless y’all really want me to play this one imma sit this out

In for masochism

Alright I’m in town win

Setup alrdy has masons

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I’ll be slanking (regardless of alignment) with no input and basically just voting (opposite of what my gut feels obviously) so that im not the deciding person ever again

in and no @DS i wont let you do that

Out if DS is slanking

But if you are here, they dont need me. This is part of our ride or die agreement.

eh who am i kiddin
im in

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Lets get the team back together.


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Tap the big blue in button at the top!

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And we’re at 9.
Keeping this open until end of Sunday EST when we’ll fire with another 7v2 Mount if no one else joins.

But the people.

The people want a party.

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Here to make Elli find a 10 player setup


Truly you are doing the lords work.

We really don’t tho

No party’s please

It’s just 8v2 mountainous lol

Even number mountainous eww