Ranked, At least 8

What is ranked and how does it work?

We’ll pick a role-lite open setup depending on how many players /in.

White Flag seemed too townsided for this site.

Eh, small sample size. It’s almost exactly 40/60.

Small sample and any game is gonna be tough when enough town find each other that fast.

i might sit this one out not sure yet.

I’ll join this depending on who ins

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One more for a party

Actually it’s 2 more for party cop

Someone decided they don’t like parties I guess

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Are you and @Prophylaxis joining @Killthestory @chesskid3

I see i already culled andres

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fuck the party cop

i want to in bc player list is heat but I dont want to slank in a ranked game and school is stressing me out really bad rn.

join nobody actutally cares about the ranking


ok you got it chief

someone else join to get us out of party cop


Someone leave so it’s party cop

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You can make a mafia451 helps M2H with schoolwork topic :stuck_out_tongue:

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i can do that?

yup why not
@GTacc had already semi been doing that except across 20 topics. :stuck_out_tongue: