Ranked, At least 8

What is ranked and how does it work?

We’ll pick a role-lite open setup depending on how many players /in.

If it’s parity cop I’m out

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Mountainous lets get it.

If we roll mountainous then i’ll unlock the SystemSounds cyborg robot.

I would love a mountainous game.

Parity cop is a good setup, people just don’t play it right tbh.


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Parity cop is pretty gay.

There is no need for power roles. Just get powers urself.

Parity cop is faaaaaabbbbbuuuuuuulous, all the more reason to play it tbh.

i don’t want another round of party cop

yeah, not a fan of that setup

mountainous pls

Whats the best numbers for mountainous? 10/11?

11 we could do 2v9 or 3v8 white flag
Honestly could just do 2v7 mount :man_shrugging: it’s still 30/70 which isn’t even that bad

Wny dont u do 2 v 7 6vt 1 activateable IC

not doing an ic

IC gr8 role

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3v8 is the most fair.