Parity Cop 9'er (3, 4)

What is ranked and how does it work?

We’ll pick a role-lite open setup depending on how many players /in.

always /in


Wait, so should I post my role pm in game?



inb4 we end up playing bird 7p


thank god, that setup sucks

this hit 8

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Will pick a setup with however many are /in tonight.

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Parity Cop 9’er it is.
Almost certainly alignment flips only.
Let me run some numbers and decide whether N0 check makes sense or not.

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I lied we have 10.

Parity cop and vigi

11 would be nice since we can just do white flag

I’m the parity cop

oh and we’re back to 9 and parity cop.
#11 is once again relevant

waiting on some things and then role pms will go out

Spec chat?