Parity Cop 9'er (3, 4)

6 Town
1 Parity Cop (One name per night, starting on second night they get a “same” or “difference” result)
2 Mafia (Daytalk, Nighttalk)

  • Alignment flips only
  • Parity Cop gets first check N1
  • Please keep in mind the additional ranked read submissions at night as outlined here.
  • 72/24

@M2H: Town, Vanilla
@tn5421: Town, Vanilla
@StarV: Mafia, Goon
@Duskfall98: Town, Vanilla
@Nanook: Mafia, Goon
@Andresvmb: Town, Vanilla
@Tommy2hands: Town, Vanilla
@ActionDan: Town, Vanilla
@DS: Town, Parity Cop


9 Alive.
Good luck

Deadline: 2019-07-21T22:00:00Z

Not Voting (9): M2H, tn5421, StarV, Duskfall98, Nanook, Andresvmb, Tommy2Hands, ActionDan, DS

Hi, my name is Nanook, I’m here to teach you all about merpeople and dunk on DS, and I’m all out of DS’ to dunk on.


Hey all.

VOTE: Andres

You don’t even know how to read me.

N0 check on Nanook

Meme/I am Spartacus

You’re nothing.

VOTE: Star

hi guys fortunately im town which means i dont have to lose a ranked game

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VOTE: starv

reaction to andres vote kinda bad

enough reason to get my vote

I agree m2h is town

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why am i town

Oh my god, the X2Hands brothers are out to get me.

wtf are you doing tbh

I just made an unpleasant association with your name, that’s what I was doing.

VOTE: ActionDan