9p Mountainous (2, 8)

7 Town
2 Mafia (Daytalk, Nighttalk)

  • Players with most votes at deadline dies, Mafia breaks ties. Majority instantly ends days.
  • Please keep in mind the additional ranked read submissions at night as outlined here.
  • 72/24

Nuxl: Town, Vanilla
M2H: Town, Vanilla
StarV: Town, Vanilla
chesskid3: Town, Vanilla
Duskfall98: Mafia, Goon
ActionDan: Town, Vanilla
DS: Mafia, Goon
GTacc: Town, Vanilla
Andresvmb: Town, Vanilla



Deadline: 2019-10-05T19:00:00Z

Not Voting (9): Nuxl, M2H, StarV, chesskid3, Duskfall98, ActionDan, DS, GTacc, Andresvmb

Welcome to Hell Nuxl.

VOTE: Nuxl

I’ve been bamboozled I joined for party cop


VOTE: Nuxl

Hardclaim town

VOTE: Nuxl

Why is nuxl at l-1 lmao

I’m tempted. Because on one side I like to win.

But I also love to hammer.


lol nah I like to win way too much for that.


So you townread nuxl?

No. He hasn’t even posted. Im just saying he shouldn’t be at l-1

You talk too much about hammering m2h

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But you never said we should unvote :thinking:

You never hammer. I bet you don’t even own a hammer.

hello,… it is me… A visitor from another Universe…

LMFAO thanks for the warm welcome everybody