On Replacements

Replacements are not something we want normalized - we’re aiming for as close to 0 replacements sitewide as possible. A big part of our focus on smaller game sizes is in order to minimize the chances of a replacement disrupting a game. As such, we have a stricter replacement policy than your average Mafia site.

Please make sure you’ll have time to play the game when you sign up. If circumstances change between sign up and the game starting, there’s no shame in letting the game host know. It’s better to have the game start later than for you to play and replace out!

If you replace out or flake out of a game you’ll get message from a member of the site staff checking in. You’ll be frozen from playing further games on site until you talk with a staff member and discuss whatever issue that caused the replacement. Often times we just want to make sure that you’re okay and check whether your schedule fits playing some mafia.

If replacement because of one of the below happens just let someone know and there’ll be no hassle:

  • host or player errors.
  • a personal/medical/family/etc. emergency.