SoDope Mafia 11 - Signups (16/16)


May need a replacement if anyone is interested



We need one of those “n days without injuries” posters except “n days without replacements”.


Eh, I forgot about that policy.

its fine, rough transition for people from other places probably. I super super super don’t want replacements to be an okay normal thing though.


I mean it’s better than disrupting the game balance imo - but I was more just asking if there was interest

yeah I know.

I was just expressing my hatred of replacements. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a part of mafia unfortunately.

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eh, I disagree.

Just speaking from my own experience as a mod.

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You can disagree if you want but it is a part of mafia.


I think we just have a semantic disagreement on what “part of” means.

There’s a certain implication of “something that can’t be solved” when people say A is part of B (e.g. people centuries ago could say that having to writing letters to communicate was part of life etc.)

But yeah I get what you mean. :stuck_out_tongue:

The technology isn’t there yet for a true solution so we’re just going to be fairly draconian about it. :shrug:

(tldr, get the replacement if you need it, I’m just going to make anti-replacement shit more obvious on the site and potentially incentivize following it more somehow)

I was just seeing if there was interest.

Yeah don’t worry about it, 5 am overreaction.

this convo is SoDope

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