2d3: Chrysalis (Dead Thread)

“I’m not really dying today. No person ever died that had a family. I’ll be around a long time. A thousand years from now, a whole township of my offspring will be biting sour apples in the gumwood shade.”
— Ray Bradbury

tn5421 - Last Wednesday at 9:12 PM
lol i would roll scum

fferyllt - Last Wednesday at 9:13 PM
this is your chance to steamroll!


Next time!

I’m going to lead off with my thoughts on this experiment. I think it’s rather pointless to split gamedays up along the ‘every single day’ marker because that makes it measurably more difficult to ISO a person, even with a tag group helping to keep everything together.

I stand by what I’ve advocated elsewhere, thread should be split up once it reaches 1000-2000 posts.


It’s always super lame to be caught for the wrong reasons. Guess I’ll have to try again.

…And not with Elli.


It looks like I was at least successful in clearing my partner by PoE. A shame most of the town here isn’t familiar with my meta.

The trust tells are in full force, I see.


Too bad that’s not really going to help. If you were paying attention I actually outed my partner, but only if you’re familiar with how I think, which is why Elli doesn’t have my partner listed as clear.


Translation: I doc’d you


And people wonder why I was so frustrated yesterday. I have a history of GLORIOUS MURDER DEATH TUNNELING anyone that fluffs this much. Doesn’t matter what my alignment is. But of course I would get scumread for it as scum this time. This didn’t happen much in Open 569 (scum), where some people scumread me but were happy to not push the lynch (I eventually disengaged from a death tunnel on Sakura Hana), and I got scumread but never lynched for a lighter version of this on LicketyQuick / Quick alt in Gunner Mafia (town).


Inverse Amished


Unfortunately you’re on the wrong track here, but this is in line with what I would think as town.

Breaking this post up here, walls are scummy amirite?



Not gonna lie, I’m salty as fuck about being flashbanged like this. Even worse because Elli was the only person voting me that stated any legible reason whatsoever for voting me. Elli! The master of lynching without revealing reasoning. /salt


I was like “dont claim” because claiming d1 is kind of garbage esp if you claim vt; might as well have not claimed at all.
But I can’t not log things like that; you’ll soon learn that’s NAI for me.
And brassherald: GFY. I am now making it my mission to do this in every game until people stop scumreading me for NAI reasons. It’s garbage lazy play and I resent the implication that I’m expected to 100% create a bunch of content out of thin air because LITERALLY NOBODY ELSE IN THE FUCKING GAME CAN STOP POSTING FLUFF LONG ENOUGH TO ACTUALLY FUCKING ENGAGE ANYTHING. BUT OF COURSE I AND I ALONE AM HELD TO A HIGHER STANDARD.


Not my fault the game is made up of a bunch of no effort players, sonic, riley, and elli.
I had sonic and riley pocket’d but even trying that shit on elli was a fools hope…so of course i tried it anyway.

the bah post i want to post