Ranked Vengeful (Developing a rating system based on per game player ranking) Discussion


The below is subject to change as we refine things - but I want to get this out there and see how some of these ideas work in practice so we can see what does and doesn’t work. Looking to expand similar concept to more setups and ultimately see if we can make an offshoot of mafia that can support a semi-reasonable rating system.

Please post /in in the topic along with using the usual button. Games will start on a rolling basis.

The Setup

  • 72 hour days, nightless
  • Lynching isn’t possible until after 48 hours of gameplay per game day, after that majority ends game day.
  • If no majority at deadline player with most vote dies, Mafia decides between potential tied parties.


  • 3 Town Vengeful - If lynched D1 they must choose to kill another player.
  • 1 Mafia Godfather - If lynched Town wins.
  • 1 Mafia Goon - If lynched D1 they must choose to kill another player and then reveal a remaining town player.


After every game the 3 town players and the mafia team will be ranked from 1 to 4 based on a combination of things including game result, end of day vote accuracy, and shot accuracy. Beyond just competing to beat the mafia team, town players are also trying to perform better than their fellow townies.

If the mafia team wins their team is placed first, if the mafia team loses they are placed 4th. The remaining townies are distributed based on the following:

Things to aim for:

  • Winning the game in the traditional sense.
  • Voting mafia when the day ends.
  • Shooting mafia if given the opportunity.

Things that are bad:

  • Losing the game in the traditional sense.
  • Voting town or not voting at all when the day ends.
  • Shooting town if given the opportunity.
  • Being lynched.

Town score is determined by a weighted average across decisions/moments related to the above. Ties are broken in favor of the player who has more data points in the game. Further ties aren’t broken and all tied players will finish tied for the better possible rank.

After each game is played I’ll go over how the rankings for that game were computed.

Scoring update: Ranked Vengeful (Developing a rating system based on per game player ranking) Discussion


Players will have ratings that will move based on the ratings of the other players in the game, and their end of game ranking. There is no individual “town” or “mafia” rating.

Is this like the previous ranked system?

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Did not read. Still signed up.

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No, will be closing that system out and awarding “winners” for it soon. Starting afresh here.

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When do I get my video mafia emblem?

Okay fine I did read. Seems acceptable. The only issue is that some folks put votes down to incentivize discussion or put pressure without immediately thinking that those players are Scum. I guess that’s more of an issue in larger games.

Send it to me again.

Only vote counts when the day resolves are relevant. If someone does a vote “they don’t mean” and the day resolves while they’re away…their fault for taking the risk.

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And this is to give everyone a chance to vote if they feel a quick lynch is coming, otherwise could potentially be voting no one without even a chance to check in etc.

Is there any subjectivity in the rankings or awards for motivating the real hero

You’re welcome to go to MU again for their next annual subjectivity tournament.


I won in my heart

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When I told you I would read it later, that was a lie.



Are the ‘data points’ weighted equally? i.e. do you lose as many points for voting wrong as you do for not voting at all?

/in for the next game i guess

assuming this isn’t a meme im interested

Will fire g1 in a bit.

Those two are weighted the same. (at least for now).

Vengeful is relatively simple, when we get more robust there’ll be more corner cases. (Example from VM is suppose all mafia are immune, then town “voting wrong” on remaining options won’t be penalized in any capacity since they’re all equivalently bad).