Vengeful 2

Reference: Ranked Vengeful (Developing a rating system based on per game player ranking) Discussion

The town role pm is:

Town Vengeful

Mafia has daytalk.

Nanook: Mafia, Goon
clonedcheese : Mafia, Godfather (Vengeful)
Seththeking: Town, Vengeful
Urist: Town, Vengeful
M2H: Town, Vengeful

There was a scoring update: Ranked Vengeful (Developing a rating system based on per game player ranking) Discussion. If you don’t care about the details the tldr; in the following post should help.


Reminder: Lynches are not active until there are 24 hours left in the day.

Not Voting (5): Nanook, clonedcheese, Seththeking, Urist, M2H

Wow these fighting games are looking more realistic every day

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alright you little heckers im town and don’t you forget it

VOTE: Seththeking

also punching is an inefficient method of fighting in a 1v1 encounter when compared to grappling so while nanook seemed to be trying to indicate his preparedness, he actually signaled a preference for less effective combat methodology which would lead to him be caught off guard.

why do you feel the need to mention that a vote is provisional when that person has not said anything?

No ur bad 1v1 me

Bc it’s not random

Can I take that to mean that you town lean me and or nanook?

maybe I will but I’ll wait for the opportune time.

It’s not random and has nothing to do with reads.

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ah ok

Counterpoint: sweater over the head, body shot, body shot, uppercut, call it a day.

I was going to say something about mafia being able to quickhammer but then they reveal themselves, so you can all quote this post and tell me how dumb i am.

yeah but using a sweater over somebody’s head seems to be like grappling, so you still have to grapple rather than simply strike.

but thats enough about fighting-- human intuition is a powerful thing. @Nanook I want to know what your gut says.

Nothing at the moment, I just had lunch