Vengeful 1

Reference: Ranked Vengeful (Developing a rating system based on per game player ranking) Discussion

The town role pm is:

Town Vengeful

Mafia has daytalk.

Andresvmb: Mafia, Godfather (Vengeful)
GTacc: Mafia, Goon
chesskid3: Town, Vengeful
Josh: Town, Vengeful
StarV: Town, Vengeful


Lynches are valid when there are 48 or less hours left.



Shoot me daddy


shoot StarV

Do our pre-48th hour votes carry over after 48th hour @Ellibereth


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That being said, I was banned from the realms for the sake of our people…

I think the optimal strategy for skewing the rankings is to quick lynch someone before the other players have the opportunity to vote…

The logic here is that if you’re right, you get points for being right, and if you’re wrong, the no voters are also wrong, so you don’t get negatively affected. The worst is a split vote, that fucks rankings a lot.

VOTE: Chesskid3


Let’s get it done.

Ah, I’ve regretfully been informed that quick lynching is not permitted.

GTacc and I are masons, you guys sort each other out and we can all vote together like one happy family.

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VOTE: chesskid3
Lets quicklynch xS

VOTE: Chesskid3


You are lynched now what was your flip chesskid

No actually if I have read the rules correctly, and this is why I didn’t care about joking about my vote, is that there’s no lynch in the first 24 hours. Or so I thought.

Yeah right here.

So StarV’s plan doesn’t work. But it was a nice try.

I also doubt that this is some sort of ploy by either StarV or GTacc as Scum to ensure that the vote ends outside of the Godfather - but it’s not completely out of the question.

Strategically, this means that Chess is less likely than anyone else at being the Godfather?


I dont think it means anything unless as a conditional on gtacc since hes the only one who cant read?

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The correct angleshoot is that Ellibereth doesn’t correct me if I’m mafia. :100:

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