Ranked Vengeful

Discussion/Info: Ranked Vengeful (Developing a rating system based on per game player ranking) Discussion

When you /in here you’re inning to be repeatedly slotted into vengeful games on a rolling basis. When you want to take a break /out in topic. You can /in again at your leisure.

Please /in in the topic along with using the blue button.



@Seththeking @Andresvmb sorry to be pedantic but follow the instructions here again for my sake. Thanks.

@Katsuki, @tn5421, @StarV, @chesskid3, @GTacc come /in again here too.







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@clonedcheese @Katsuki @tn5421 @Urist if you want to play another /in here

G3 will be


G4 will be


Why does Nanook have to be with me again.
Why can’t you switch them with M2H?

Nanook picks on me

You’ll eventually probably have to play with him again but if order matters (e.g. playing this game with vs. playing next with) I can make the switch.

I’m Sure @Nanook would be fine with it.
I know how much he wants to play with ChessKid.

Can I switch?


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In general I won’t allow switching (and if you want them request them privately) but I’ll grant seth this one with the caveat that he understands he’ll likely be matched with nanook with similar frequency regardless of order.

@Ellibereth I would not want to be switched if it meant that I was not paired in a game with DS in it.