Mall Pirate Mafia

There are 19 players in this game, but 5 of them are running super late, so I guess this mall party will have to start with just 14 of you.

Each day, the two people with the most votes will be Ejected From The Premises and will leave the game. If there’s a tie for second, the mafia will determine which of the tied players will be the second person ejected. If there’s a 3+ person tie for most votes, the mafia will determine who is ejected within the tied players. The number of players you are allowed to vote for will be announced at the start of each game day. Please reference the short “how to” primer below this for instructions on how to multivote.

The Responsible Teens are town, and their wincon is to remove all the Reckless Hooligans from the mall. The Reckless Hooligans are scum, and their wincon is to outnumber the RT by N2 or reach parity from D3 onwards. The game starts with a 14:5 ratio.

During N0, the Hooligans will select how many of their number to include in the Late Arrivals. The GM will assign the rest. No roles in this game are scum-specific.

D1 will begin approximately 2020-06-22T21:00:00Z

Days will start as around 72 hours, and will decrease to around 48 later in the game.

Late Arrivals:


On time:


A short guide on how to use 451

Voting Syntax:
To vote multiple people, separately vote multiple people in your post, e.g.

VOTE: Nanook
VOTE: beeboy
VOTE: fferyllt

Note that you can’t only replace one vote - so for example if you want to go from voting Nanook and beeboy to voting Nanook and fferyllt, you would have to vote both Nanook and fferyllt in the post you’re changing votes in.

Please DO NOT vote more people than you’re allowed to, maximum possible votes will be indicated at each day start.

Hitting the hammer button in the composer will give you VOTE: Vote Tags, hitting the circular arrow next to it will UNVOTE . Note that you only need to unvote once no matter how many votes you have made.

If you want to check a vote count, hit the hammer at the bottom of a post, and it will give you the vote count at the time of that post.

To ISO, the easiest way is to hit the person button at the bottom of a post, and that will ISO that person. You can also find their avatar below the OP, click it, then hit “X posts in topic” to get to their ISO—this is useful if you want to ISO someone but don’t want to dig through the thread to find one of their posts. To leave an ISO, hit the button that looks like a group of people at the bottom of a post (same place as the person button when not in an ISO), and that will return you to the full thread view.

If you click the scroll bar on the right, you can navigate to specific post numbers. 451 uses infinite scroll, so there aren’t pages. An easy way to find EOD and SOD messages is to ISO the mod.

We do have auto-locking threads, meaning the mod can set a timer to lock the thread automatically at EOD rather than having to do it manually. A countdown will show at the bottom of the thread when the timer is set, telling you how much time remains before the thread locks.

The thread auto-refreshes every time there’s a new post, no need to hit the refresh button when you’re in thread.

Please also note our rules on excessive AtE, which our a bit different than many sites and can be found here: On excessive AtE

An explanation of what the friendly tag means: More Game Tags (first description)

If you have questions about how to use the UI, this is the thread to ask them in: Ask a Question. You can also use the Test things here! thread to get a feel for the UI!


All roles are out! If you haven’t received a PM and expected to get one, message me privately. The 19 people about to be tagged are all actively in the game–if you are one of the 5 Late Arrivals that will be joining the game at the start of D3, you will receive a message before start of day one letting you know. The scum team will assign between 0 and 4 of their number to the Late Arrival group, and the GM will assign the rest. All late arrivals will be drawn from this list of 19.



OMG guys, it’s totally time to go to the malls!

But five of you are late, oh mer gerd how rude!

Late and cannot post in thread:


On time and can post in thread:

D1 ends at 2020-06-25T20:00:00Z, and the two people with the most votes will die! You may vote for as many as four people today.

The hashtag for today is #getinlosersweregoingshopping. Everything is 10-15% off, today only!


I thought this was starting like eight hours ago lol

Anyway seems like the late arrival thing would be an obvious scumsided thing so we might just eliminate townies the first two days ugh but then wifom ofc so idk

wait but if I’m reading the setup right… if we eliminate 2 townies d1, n1 kill, eliminate 2 townies d2, n2 kill… then the game is just lost?? am I misunderstanding this or is this game just hard

classic nook

my limited knowledge of the site meta/a couple of the players we have may point to good odds to hitting scum in the first two days though – but again, if they were able to choose up to four late arrivals there could be only one available. it’s an interesting risk-reward assessment on their part I guess, because if it doesn’t result in the quick victory they’re basically all outed lol


nook how do you come up with this stuff lmao

Yea this makes sense. Also it’s in the rules that it’s possible for town to loose by N2.

So yea, guess it just depends how scum tried to play it. My first instinct as scum might have been to be a bit risky and start with two or maaaaybe three scum in the thread and put the rest in later. You seem to have kind of a similar thought that they might leave mainly town to get our hands dirty with miskilling each other. Scum could then have all that time to chat and strategize about exactly how to enter the thread once they do so.

How’s the local weather for everyone today?

It’s been alright. I wish it was colder though. It’s harder to sleep when it gets hotter.

How about you?

36 degrees and very humid. We just leave the AC on all day.

Eww at two things.

  1. I just did math to convert from C to F.

  2. ugh, that’s about 97 degrees F to anyone that doesn’t want to do math.

And humid. That’s like my hell.

Did you actually compute or did you google the conversion.

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Yea I still did lazy math and google converted it.

So yea, didn’t technically do math.

I’ve been doing real (relatively simple but tedious) math today and was happy to just be able to google math this one lol.

Relatively simple but tedious?

Real estate math lol.

Oh actually Eli I had a question for you.

FS just joined the site to follow this game I think. And he was saying how great some of the features are here, especially the app.

I had no idea you had an app, and then looked for it and couldn’t find it. Nook didn’t seem sure about if it actually existed. He said he was guided to it as part of his intro emails or whatever when he joined the site.

Lol is there actually an app for this site or was FS pulling my leg?

There’s a PWA - in chrome’s menu there should be an option to “Add to home screen” or something similar. There’s a prompt about it the first or second time you visit the site on your phone but it doesn’t reappear if dismissed. :slight_smile: