More Game Tags

Here are some more behavior and gameplay tags for hosts to use and for players to request. Behavior tags talk about how players treat one another while Gameplay tags are about playstyle/level of seriousness one takes a particular game. We also updated the definition of #friendly to only apply to behavior.

Behavior Tags:

#friendly (Expect players to be nice, patient, and congenial)

#no-holds-barred (Expect players to not hold back, insults and profanities will fly. Thick skin recommended)

Gameplay Tags:

#sandbox (Expect experimentation - players may go for flashier or riskier plays just to see how they turn out.)

#serious (Expect players to take the game seriously, there should be minimal trolling and lurking and players should take the lines they think will most likely lead to victory.)

#instructive (Expect players to play in a relatively accessible way - perhaps explaining things than they usually wouldn’t. There should be minimal use of lines that potentially lead to a toxic environment. The goal is to have an environment where a new player can learn to understand and enjoy the game.)


so if i mix #friendly and #serious, does it become Polite Mafia?


If i mix #friendly and #no-holds-barred, are the players forced to be aggressively nice, like some sorta canadians?


if i mix #no-holds-barred and #instructive, do players get told to git gud?

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#no-holds-barred and #friendly equals really rude posts but with censored obscenities?

the intention was for them to be opposites.

Romeo and Juliet were from opposing families but that didn’t stop them.


they fucked

and then romeo

fucking killed himself

so good you can die in it


I’ve been asked to clarify/define what’s expected in an untagged game.

An untagged game implicitly has

  • an expected behavior between friendly and no-holds-barred (some insults and rudeness but nothing overboard)
  • an expected gameplay between sandbox and serious (players more or less trying to win but with room to fool around some).
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