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When is the vc mafia? Is this comunnity getting bigger?

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Another new mafia org (Liars Club) is hosting a video mafia league. We’ll be working with them in some capacity.
Their preliminary brochure is here.
We’ll be doing a special feature video/article about them that’ll hopefully be out this Wednesday.

If there’s sufficient interest with our current players to have scheduled voice/video mafia sessions independent of Liars club’s stuff, it’s something we can definitely set up.

Yes! We just had meetings about our direction and where we’re going with our products and the site. Updates, discussion, and Q&A will be coming over the next couple weeks.

There’s a balance between growing the community while we’re in beta and finishing the products that are going to set us apart. Rest assured, a big part of the coming months and 2019 as a whole will be devoted to growth.

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Lol I saw this on my like 20 minutes ago thankss

How do we get a custom title?

Thanks sir

On that note, your custom title is set to be cupcake right now. If you didn’t request it I have no idea why. xD

Its a badge and leads to this post SHUT UP AND VOTE - Crowdfunded 2 - OVER, NEW RECORD.

I thought you did it since it was originally your post

Admin error haha


My question is:


If an account visits a topic multiple times in some period of time (I forgot what it was), it only counts as 1 view.

Interesting metric then i guess

It’d be kinda silly otherwise - someone spamming refresh would just generate big numbers.

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I mean, yeah, but you could also say that a 153 reply topic likely has been viewed more than 37 times even by someone not spamming refresh lol

So like, accuracy or not to accuracy that is the question

At the moment a “topic view” is defined to be a visit to a topic from a particular IP or account in the last 8 hours. The last number is adjustable but it was the default value recommended by the discourse devs. So it then becomes less about accuracy and moreso about what we want to learn from the view count.

I don’t think seeing that there are a bunch of relatively close individual visits from the same user is that helpful and can even be potentially harmful (people tracking to see if people are “reading the topic but not postng”.

Topics that have high counts tend to mean that 1) Decent amount of unique viewers and/or 2) People are repeatedly visiting it over long periods of time. While this is sort of moot for games given that we expect 2) to happen - for non-game topics both are decent markers for a successful topic.

I’ve never been a fan of view counters personally. You do bring up a good point about the viewing but not posting thing, though I would argue being able to keep track of spurts of activity/viewership could help mods know when they need to be around.

Either way I think its more of an OCD thing with my mind constantly looking at it like… this does not compute!!! Lmao

How would views help this in a way that just getting a bunch of replies wouldn’t?

And hahaha I gotcha - you made me go refresh my memory on how the whole thing worked. :stuck_out_tongue:

Being around to answer questions via pm is one example, though this site doesnt seem to have an online now notifier anyways so i guess that doesnt really vibe lol