Mall Pirate Mafia

Oh I don’t use chrome on my phone anyway. And I just keep a random safari window on my open on the game thread whenever I’m following/playing anything here.

Thanks for explaining. Lol that was tripping me out when I couldn’t find whatever he was talking about.

The option might exist on safari too?

Yup just checked -

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Idk, I haven’t been outside yet but I hear it’s like 36 degrees or something terrible like that.

This is probably important. :canada:

In other news, I was looking to see if any of the members in the late arrivals group had obvious threats in the playerlist they might want to knock out first or reasons they might choose to hang back, since it’s a smaller group with more information on who might be scum even if we can’t immediately focus on them. Doggo for example seems like they would be a bit more keen bean, less likely to choose to stay on the sidelines until D3.

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Lol trying to set this up.

Also I hear that town win based on the scum in the active players, not the total playerlist (since we’re trying to remove them from the mall) - which could lean towards them not being in the late arrivals at all, since they risk all their active members getting wiped before the late arrivals get here D3.

I think Doggo is the only person in the late arrivals I’ve ever interacted with in a game. And that was just during that one game day that nook’s first invitational went before scum sacrificed that thread to try to win the big game.

Do people agree with Key’s assessment? Does it seem like a decent assumption to those who are more familiar with them that Doggo in particular would likely not want to sit on the sidelines for two game days?

Also going with this general thought, for those who are familiar with the late arrivals, do any of them seem like the kind who would volunteer for such a thing? Who’s skills or whatever would be good to have come into play a bit later without the taint of getting their hands dirty in the early days?

Got it to work!


I had assumed this was the way parity worked, but thanks for getting an explicit answer.

I still don’t see why scum wouldn’t want to try to have two or three people in reserve to come in late. Sure it’s a bit of a risk for them to have fewer people, but that might be an advantage as well. Fewer of them being around also makes it less likely that one of them gets killed in the first days just by the numbers. And if they luck out and have maybe zero or one of their team get killed before reinforcements come on D3, there’s fewer scum flips to analyze interactions and whatnot. And fewer of them with things that can be questioned or read into during the first two days. And more time out of thread to look at how the thread is going and come up with strategies with which to enter the thread once they do.

3 is too many because 2/4 is too easy to lose yeah. 3/4 is way harder so 2 is reasonable.

What exactly are you saying here? Not completely getting these ratios.

You’re saying 2 is more reasonable to be the number scum keeps in reserve? That’s what I’m assuming. Or are you saying they should start with two in thread.

Where do these ratios of 2/4 and 3/4 come from?

Lol sorry if I’m missing something simple.

I think he means the four eliminations.

I guess it depends who the scumteam is made up of - if they have members who they think can hold on through four eliminations it becomes more likely, but personally if I were scum I would be… concerned about putting too much stock in me being able to survive that without significant support. Lots of scum in the thread means a lot of control.

we can vote 4 people out before reserves come in. Mafia wouldn’t put 3 in reserve because us hitting 2 of them in 4 tries is too risky.


Where did u hear this


The game has started, and I am excited!
I’ll just skim through the thread and comment on thoughts soon.
Also, since this is a closed setup, would it be good to reveal any information that we have?

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Really hot. Reaches 40C sometimes.

People are going to say no when the right answer is yes but we’re probably going to go with no because I need to pretend that I’m not just a boring person that cares about winning.

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I clarified privately

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Ah, ok.

Also, since I don’t know much of you, nice to meet you all!

Just a quick thought: Would it make sense for scum at least 3 or even 4 of their scum into the early group?
It would make sense since then the ratio would be 10/4, which could mean problems for us, since there are multiple executions.

I assume there are NKs?