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> you can still meme
> like this

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(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 2000000000 hours unless flagged)

  1. Dog
    1. German Shepherd
    2. Belgian Shepherd
      1. Malinois
      2. Groenendael
      3. Tervuren

[v] delete [/v]
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Hopefully I’ll have a plugin for this up within the next couple of weeks but until then boring bold tags or bold tags with highlights will have to do.

This is some game mod text!

Can’t use this. Green is GiF’s color

I like this color. Mine.

Damn straight

hmm…timer doesn’t work

`[quote=“fferyllt, post:12, topic:53, full:true”]
This is some game mod text!

Can’t use this. Green is GiF’s color

I like this color. Mine.
<don’t color= “pink”> pink


game time
[Vote] chicken [/vote]



@fferyllt :smile:

I’ll be honest, quoting here is obnoxious as hell, but I love the editor.

I have mixed feelings.

When I think about all the times I’ve seen a quote-wall with a one-liner reply, having the expandable quote thing when you reply to a specific post is a nice change. Before Elli enlarged the size of the avatar of the quoted post (on the right upper corner of the quoting post) I was skipping right over it, and not happy that I couldn’t tell what post was being replied to.

The other quote option is more of a highlight-and-quote and is good for building quotestripe-from-hell posts.

It’s weird how fast I’ve adjusted to some things about discourse that initially I didn’t like.

I don’t like that when I hit reply, the box doesn’t pop up with a full-post quote ready. Makes multiquoting slightly more time consuming for me until I get used to the new way.

Edit: It’s cool for single quoting, though.


some block quote
because reasons

tn5421, vanilla townie, was killed night 1.

tn5421, vanilla townie, was killed night 1.

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With 9 alive, it takes 5 to lynch.

This post is a Test Staff Post.