[Game Thread] Nightless Mime 9

Welcome to Nightless Mime 9!


Mime 1
Mime 2

The Mimes need to ensure they are eliminated in numeric order to win. The Town wins if Mime 2 is eliminated before Mime 1 or if Mimes gain majority.

Phases will be 48 hours long. Phase 1 will be deadline elimination, but the following phases will have majority eliminations enabled. Votes will be locked in LyLo - once you have made a vote, you cannot change it or unvote.


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Phase 1 has started and will end 2020-12-24T02:00:00Z

apologies again for no effort SoD, have a lot of personal stuff that came up today


Lots of new people, can’t wait to see how this works out.

A short guide on how to use 451

Hitting the hammer button in the composer will give you VOTE: Vote Tags, hitting the circular arrow next to it will UNVOTE . Note that you only need to unvote once no matter how many votes you have made.

If you want to check a vote count, hit the hammer at the bottom of a post, and it will give you the vote count at the time of that post.

To ISO, the easiest way is to hit the person button at the bottom of a post, and that will ISO that person. You can also find their avatar below the OP, click it, then hit “X posts in topic” to get to their ISO—this is useful if you want to ISO someone but don’t want to dig through the thread to find one of their posts. To leave an ISO, hit the button that looks like a group of people at the bottom of a post (same place as the person button when not in an ISO), and that will return you to the full thread view.

If you click the scroll bar on the right, you can navigate to specific post numbers. 451 uses infinite scroll, so there aren’t pages. An easy way to find EOD and SOD messages is to ISO the mod.

We do have auto-locking threads, meaning the mod can set a timer to lock the thread automatically at EOD rather than having to do it manually. A countdown will show at the bottom of the thread when the timer is set, telling you how much time remains before the thread locks.

The thread auto-refreshes every time there’s a new post, no need to hit the refresh button when you’re in thread.

Please also note our rules on excessive AtE, which our a bit different than many sites and can be found here: On excessive AtE

An explanation of what the friendly tag means: More Game Tags (first description)

If you have questions about how to use the UI, this is the thread to ask them in: Ask a Question. You can also use the Test things here! thread to get a feel for the UI!

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Hey now.
No showing off Nanook

Min only knows me so ah! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi Seth. :smile_cat:

You should pocket me again this game I think that would be funny

Lol Nanook how much fun are you gonna have this game

It is nice of the mod to include masons tho

A lot hopefully

First person to claim masons with me gets me to sheep them all game.

So now that we are lock town let’s eliminate you first.

Also shout out to Elli for denying the Ly word when posting.
That way no rules can be broken because it’s impossible for me to type it anyway.

GJ Elli.

I hope this is 4 Mime’s for easy Town Victory.

VOTE: ChessKid3

He’s my Mason buddy.
We are good to remove em.

Sorry man.
Your the Backup Mason.

Lets do it

VOTE: Chesskid3