Discrete/Limited 7p (7/7)

Pending feedback:

  • 4 Vanilla Town
  • 1 1-shot Cop - Innocent result on Godfather, Guilty result on Goon.
  • 1 Mafia Godfather - Mafia loses if the godfather dies. Submits kills if the goon is dead.
  • 1 Mafia Goon - Submits mafia kills if alive. Mafia has no private communication.
  • Town wins if the godfather dies. Mafia wins if there are equal or more mafia alive than town alive OR if no player has at least 2 votes on them at the end of a last phase of a day.


  • Everyday will last at most 5 phases. A post is submitted for every phase.

  • You never post in the game topic - all posts are submitted by pm to me.

  • The first post for every day is submitted (pm’d to me) the phase prior. (So the first post of the game is submitted to me during confirmation).

  • You may submit a vote with your post in every post other than your first post of a day . If at any point a strict majority of the players are voting someone, they get executed and the game goes to night. Use [vote]Username[/vote]. This will not count toward your post’s character limit. Your vote will automatically be positioned at the top of your post on it’s own line.

  • Votes do NOT carry over between posts. If you vote for Ellibereth in your 2nd post of a day and you want to still be voting for Ellibereth in your 3rd, you need to revote in said post.

  • If after everyone’s last post of a day there is no majority, the player with the most votes on them gets executed, unless said amount is less than 2. If multiple players have the same amount of votes on them and said amount is 2 or greater, all tied players die. If no player has at least 2 votes on them, Mafia wins.

  • Submit any actions every phase in a separate pm to your post. Actions resolve the phase any executions happen. (So flips from executions and mafia kills are posted together at the beginning of phases 2.1 and 3.1). If your submitted action overlaps with the execution target(s) - unlucky!

  • Posts have a max character count of 2000. This includes quotes but does not include markdown/bbcode. For now it’ll be kinda annoying to check this - feel free to guesstimate and just pm your post to me if you can’t easily access a word count and I’ll check for you. We’re building tech to make this easier to check on site.

  • Posts are due everyday by October 19, 2018 2:00 AM. (just the time, ignore the date). I will post all submitted posts within 4 hours of the due time.

There are major changes from the last game - in terms of phase length, deadline, setup, night actions, and how vote resolution works at the end of the last phase of a day. Please read and ask quesitons if you have questions/think something is broken!

1)does mafia have a daychat?
2) every mafia must do an action in every phase?

  1. No day OR night chat par “Mafia has no private communication.”

  2. The goon submits a target every phase they are alive. If only the godfather is alive, the godfather submits the target instead. The 1-shot Cop submits a target (or no action, but that would be silly), every phase they are alive. Only the action submited the phase an execution happens resolves.

(Exception to the above is the first phase of a day since there is garuanteed to be no execution on those).


Also in

Is there any sort of tiebreaker phase if everyone is tied at less than 2 on the last phase?

I think thats maf win

Just auto win then? No sort of tiebreakers. Got it. So town strat should be to have candidates of 2+ votes by phase 3.

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First one was interesting. So /in for this one too.

The phase length might feel a bit short but we’re looking for the sweet spot ~ (slash I needed to make sure the game ended before I left for vacation >.< )

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I wish to become woof

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I’m reaching out to ppl to get the last slot.



Are we supossed to prepare the entering post before the game or… after rolecards?

after roles, the daily due time may change, let me sort it out.

Run another one of these pls