Discrete/Limited 7p (Over)


Setup/Rules: Discrete/Limited 7p (7/7)

POSTS FOR PHASE 1.1 ARE DUE October 24, 2018 2:00 AM.

Hi my name’s DS &
My criteria compared to your career just isn’t fair
I’m a venereal disease, like a menstrual, I bleed
Through the pencil, and leak on the sheet of the tablet in my mind
‘Cause I don’t write shit, ‘cause I ain’t got time
‘Cause my seconds, minutes, hours go to the almighty dollar
And the almighty power of that ch-cha-cha-chopper
Sister, brother, son, daughter, father;
mother-fuck a copper
Got the Maserati dancin’ on the bridge, pussy poppin’
Tell the coppers: “Ha-ha-ha-ha
You can’t catch him, you can’t stop him”
I go by them goon rules: if you can’t beat 'em, then you pop 'em
You can’t man 'em, then you mop 'em
You can’t stand 'em, then you drop 'em
You pop 'em ‘cause we pop 'em like Orville Redenbacher

Motherfucker, I’m ill.

Hey guys, It’s me, RedFlavor and I usually don’t write paragraphs because my English is not really the best but the gimmick of this game is writing down paragraphs, so this will be like a training for me. I will just give my thoughts on players:

DS: They are a really good scum, I haven’t read their game but they became third in championship as a woof so I might check that game.

beeboy: I played with beeboy few times, however I don’t really remember how they play.

Nanook: I also played only 1 game with him, he was scummy but town so I might check their other games.

Andresvmb: They subbed in for a slot when I died, I haven’t really read the game after that.

RichParente: He told me he likes making colorful big posts, also I heard his reads are usually wrong so it might help me lower down the PoE. Jk jk

MetalSonic: He is a good pocketer as scum, looks like gamesolving and made a good gambit by claiming PGO. I actually tried to pocket town like you did and it worked well. (If you wanna check that, http://www.blankmediagames.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=91272 you should be also checking neigborhood chats if you wanna see my pocket)

Also if you wanna check my other games, https://www.mafiauniverse.com/forums/threads/18782-Role-Madness-at-the-White-House?p=2713087#post2713087
This is a scum game and the post leads to my other games.

I really wish we had some kind of non vanilla roles or hidden roles I could bluff or actually talk about in order to make actually posting feel reasonable.

The only thing I want to add is the idea from last game but except this time on post 4 we post our “lists” in order to achieve a Lynch on post 5.

Person 4 > Person 3 > Person 1 something like that.

We actually have 1 mislynch this time which is kind of nice.

Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You kill my father. This isn’t vengeful so I’m disappointed this won’t make sense.

Guys, if anyone snap reads based off of not voting in the first post, which is not a thing that can happen, I will vote for you and only you.

We are using the system Urist put out last time we did this for votes. Without question.

Hello all!

Given post and time constraints, I thought it would be most useful to give everyone a roadmap of how I intend to tackle D1 (and how I think we should organize our votes), and what I will be watching out for.

From reading Urist’s voting strategy from the first iteration of this game, I think that we should look to replicate something similar here. In summary, I will post my reactions to everyone’s first posts in my second post, and ask some follow up questions if necessary, with the intent of arriving at some sort of list (from most likely to be Scum to least likely to be Scum) between my second and third posts, and if enough people attempt to order the players in a similar way, then it should be fairly simple to arrive at a vote by post 4 (looking to maximize consensus and vote the scummiest player at that time). If anybody deviates from this or whichever other voting format we agree we should use going forward, I am likely to want to vote for that person by post 5, particularly if no consensus has been achieved (I will loudly announce my intention to do this ahead of time). In my mind, D1 should be about trying to get people to organize the player list in some way, and minimizing the probability of losing as much as possible.

There are a few players here that I have very limited experience with, so I expect that it will take some time before we get used to each other’s styles. Initially, I will be on the look out for other ideas on how to proceed with our votes, and if they seem better than the approach above, I will commit to following said approach by my third post at the absolute latest (though probably by post 2). There should be no further discussion as to how to go about voting on D1 after post 3 – otherwise, it could cost us the game.

@RickParente, I do not believe that we have played a game together before, so it is nice to (virtually) meet you!

Let’s destroy some Scum.

This will be my first game on this site. I’m Rich Parente, a video mafia player. This setup and format is new to me, so is playing on forum, and I’m really interested in seeing how it all pans out. I hope everyone has an enjoyable time in this game, except the wolves, because fuck the wolves!

I’ll open with sharing my initial thoughts after receiving my role PM. Pouring my heart out should assist town in discerning my alignment.

The roll upsets me. As one of the select few players who prefers to roll wolf, why do I roll town in every single one of my forum games? It’s actually infuriating. It’s so much fun to play a survivor game, with the goal of getting other people killed. Creating logic puzzles through clever distancing at the right times so town will never be able to solve the game. Or just hard aligning with my teammates, and turning the mafia team into the consensus town block, controlling the game as a power wolf.

But when being unkillable and able to lead lynches on other players isn’t enough to win the game, it just feels like boxing in the dark. Figuring out this game will be a struggle for me. But I won’t be just cheering you guys on from the sideline, I’ll try to make as much universal reads as possible. Hopefully I’ll nail a scum or two to the wall, without knowing any personal meta on you people.

Enough soapboxing, to get started, what would help me the most is if everyone could answer the following questions:

- Could you describe your scum meta?
- Could you describe your town meta?
- What alignment do you prefer and why?
- How are you evaluating my alignment using this post?

That’s all for now, ty for reading!

P.S. Cute cat GIF

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hello i am just here to fill the 7th slot last slot, nice to meet you all, i think i can get reads on everyone by phase 2 or 3 so i will start voting at phase 3 or 4. thanks for playing

Note: The order of the posts was random and will remain in this same player order (with dead players omitted) for the duration of the game.

POSTS FOR PHASE 1.2 ARE DUE October 25, 2018 2:00 AM.

We’re switching the due time to October 25, 2018 2:00 PM to accomodate for multiple people’s schedules. This means the posts will generally be up everyday by October 25, 2018 4:00 PM.

Sorry for the inconvenience. If this new time cycle is bad for you please contact me privately. In the future we’ll more actively figure out a good cycle time pre-game and stick with it. Keep in mind the 2-hour delay is because there’s a human moderator running the game. When this format switches to app form the reset time shouldn’t matter anymore because cycles will last the full continuous 24 hours.

From now on, if you don’t submit a post in time, it will just appear as a blank post. Please make sure to make some time everyday!

Please don’t discuss this scheduling change in game.

RedFlavor: there’s really nothing much to comment on in this as it’s all personal meta reads and totally unrelated to this game at all. Scum could be hiding behind thoughts like this where it seems like you’re actively posting lots of information and yet, you are giving nothing of real thoughts. I want to see what your follow up to this is.

Hearthstone: I agree with your overall notion of not really knowing what to post to kick the game off, but at the same time your tone reads differently than mine. In a way you don’t seem genuine to me.

Also, I’d like to point out that we should be actively voting with a coalesced totals of 2+ by end of day 3.

I’ll start it off by voting for you. VOTE: Hearthstoneman3

Clem: not much to feel on this post. I guess I need to either really delve into last game (which I haven’t read) or could you sum it up for us?

Andres: my first thought is that this is an extremely polished post. Is that necessarily alignment indicative? Perhaps not, though I see this more with scum than town.

Rich: The biggest thing that stands out to me for this post is that you seem to have written part of it before you received your role pm? I guess I’m wondering why you would do that? Or perhaps did more people?

MS: Thinks she can get reads by phase 2? So after only the first phase?

For other points:

It’s impossible to respond to everything in 2000 characters

I also cannot stress how serious it is that we coalesce into voting blocks starting with this phase. That’s why I voted hs, because I felt that that slot likely wasn’t one that would get any votes over people like Gtacc and Rich (and even myself) who likely will catch at least one. Giving us the ability to solidify onto already started wagons makes it so that there is no chance of possibly ending the day with a tie which is my biggest concern with this format.

So ahh I don’t now what am I supossed to do with these posts but let’s see.
Rich asked few questions and LAMIST’ed, looks townie? But they said they like being wolf a lot so maybe this is their prowolfing tactic, IDK.

What is this supossed to mean? It looks unrelated to posting readlists in phase 4.

Anyways, I think Andres looks good. I’m liking them organizing the things for town. I found it weird that they did mention not playing games with Rich but not me.
Also if anyone says anything about Rich’s posting style, I think it’s just their posting style.

I prefer being a townie because I have been scum lately a lot. But in my last games, I realized what you saying are kinda true. I like distancing a lot as a wolf and usually it wins the game (since I get lynched as a wolf most of the time kek).
Also I said I’d read some games but I’ll read them later cuz why not.

I still have like 1000 characters so I’ll explain few more points in my first post (incase someone says anything about it and don’t want to wait for other day)
I said I will check for some players and did not mention checking other’s games, like beeboy who I don’t really remember. I actually might check them, I just probably did not want to write the same thing again and again.
And if you are saying I’m shading the good scum players, I’m not, I won’t just give them a townread that easily cuz I’ll be cautious.
Actually, can everyone tell me how good they are as a scum? And aproximately how many games did you guys play?
I’ll say this out of my mind, I have like 40 games and Metal said they have over 100 games, I think Rich is new to forum mafia but played video mafia a lot?

I had to write a midterm today so this post is going to be somewhat short.

Clem’s opening I think could be from town? It feels a lot different from there posts in the last game.

Everything else kinda has no real bearing on alignment as far as I can tell? A lot of posts are just wordy fluff but non of it feels like it’s trying too hard to be wordy fluff.


  • Could you describe your scum meta?

Honestly I haven’t really put a large amount of effort as scum in a long enough time that I am not particularly sure. I kinda just roll with the game and hope things work out.
I rely on meta as scum to fake things people will town read the same way I rely on it as town to read other players.

  • Could you describe your town meta?

Indecisive and slow to develop thoughts compared to other players.

  • What alignment do you prefer and why?

Depends on the pace of the game, in a fast paced mafia game I prefer to roll wolf. While in a longer game I tend to prefer town since I enjoy being able to sit down and anaylze entire games if given a lot of time while as a wolf it’s kinda a pain in the ass to do that.

  • How are you evaluating my alignment using this post?

It was mostly just a random opening but I feel like this fourth question here could be you scouting out the field so you know how to move forward in future posts and I am not sure if that is something I am happy about.

Loved the DS rap, that was dope.

I think I like Rich’s start. Beeboy looks fine. Andres slightly pinged by. Same for gtacc. It’s probably just MS though.

Sorry for brevity. Not that sorry though.

I’m punting this round. Unfortunately I’m in the middle of a retreat and haven’t had enough time to think about a proper post. To figure out how I play Scum and Town I would look through my activity on this site as it is all I have to provide.

It’s clear that we all thought about the voting scheme so that should work nicely. I’ll try and answer some of the questions next post and come up with a list.

Going down the list of players in order of townyness:

At the top of my list, Rich Parente. The foundation for this is confirmed information. I shall be the fearless leader of town this game, leading us to a victory. Every night from now on, the wolves won’t get any sleep, because they’ll fear I provide the information that nails them to the wall in my next post.

My second in command will be Andres. He’s the only person apart from me trying to get the game started right from the get go. On top of that, I feel really good about him looking into the past iteration of this format, and selling a solid voting strategy, which I wholeheartedly agree with by the way.

RedFlavor is honorary townsperson number 1. He’s sharing his meta on other people in the game right off the bat, as well as sharing his past games, putting himself out there for us to judge. He doesn’t seem like he has anything to hide. He’s just oozing town and providing information.

Beeboy is honorary townsperson number 2. Him being happy about having a mislynch implies his indecision. Being worried about losing after 1 mislynch, towny as hell. He’s also thinking ahead about the votes, which is a good look.

Ill rhyme sayer DS is a slight town lean
Such skill can’t be unseen
He’s a rapping machine
His bars are very clean.
He’s probably green.

He’s town cuz he just does not give a fuck.
He’ll throw all wolves in a garbage truck.
Stuck in a garbage truck.
Stuck. Stuck.
Stuck in a garbage truck.

(man I’m white)

Clem I’m leaning scummy ever so slightly. Mostly because his volume is lower than I would expect from town Clem. This is based on the meta I observed playing with him in the Liars Club tournament. The foundation of this read is video mafia, so of course it’s not a hard read.

Metalsonic I didn’t like at all. The problem with her post is it’s a promise of future gamesolving. When people do that, more often than not, they are just scum stalling. This read has been proven true more often than not on forum.

Hello, redflavor, nice to see you again. I’m very glad that I helped you improve in mafia, I’m very glad to hear that.

As for richparente I didn’t recognize them until I was reminded that they play on mafiauniverse. I still don’t know them very well though. Hi!

His post looks towny

Andres looks town here

Nanook might be scum again, who knows

I didn’t read the previous game so I don’t know what urist did. No, I won’t be reviewing the previous game to find out


Phase 1.2 Votes:

beeboy (1): DS

Didn’t Vote (6): GTacc, beeboy, Nanook, Andresmvb, RichParente, MetalSonic