Dengeki Bunko UCanPick [TOWN + SURVIVOR WIN]

Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax is a 2D Street Fighter-esque fighting game released in 2013. It was developed under Dengeki Bunko, a major Japanese publishing house which holds the trademarks for several popular novels, manga and anime. Now, the characters from these works have come together to brawl in this crossover fighting game!

Riley Cake
Erika Furudo

96 hour days, 24 hour nights.

Flavor knowledge is not necessary for this game, but may increase your enjoyment of it.

Important Events:

Day 1
Night 1
Day 2
Night 2
Day 3

General Rules:

1. WE ARE ALLOWING PLAYERS TO EDIT THEIR OWN POSTS TO FIX ANY FORMATTING ERRORS (broken tags, broken quotes). This DOES NOT extend to typos. Please try to make any potential edits promptly after your original post (e.g. don’t go back an edit a post a day after you make it).
Please do not abuse this - edit history is public to everyone. If you’re caught abusing edits bad things will happen.

2. Let me and the other players know if you’re busy and won’t have time to post for a couple of days. If you are absent for more than 24 hours without notice, you will be prodded, and will have 24 hours in which to make a post.

3. Don’t directly quote from, screenshot, or talk about concrete stuff (e.g. timestamps) from private communications. Paraphrasing is ok

4. If you’re not sure about anything ask me about it!

5. Plurality lynch rules are effect; the player with the most votes at the end of the day will be lynched. However, if a majority is reached before the deadline, hammer will happen, and the player will be lynched.

6. Have fun!

Players are recommended to read the guidelines on Replacements and Flaking, as they will take effect beginning from this game. Mitigating Super Low Activity/Flaking/Replacing

This game will also feature the use of VCbot. Introducing VCbot - Crowdsourced Vote Counts

because of my time zone I can’t always produce VCs on-demand lol


Current Progress: 12/12.


Sample Role PM

Dear Metal Sonic,

You are Super Sonico, Neutral Game Host

You are not a real character.

Host the Game (Passive): You handle all game-related stuff. But, if the players need a votecount but you are not around, players are recommended to tag VCbot.

You win when all the Mafia are dead, or when the Mafia are equal to, or more than, half of the remaining players.

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Role creation is complete! Role PMs will be sent out now! Please reply to my PM to confirm!

You will have 24 hours from after PMs are sent to confirm, otherwise you will be replaced and dealt with. Reminders will be sent through Discord as well.

All Role PMs have been sent and reminders sent via discord.

You have 24 hours from now to confirm.

October 21, 2018 5:00 PM

12 out of 12 have confirmed.

All players have confirmed. Day 1 starts now.

Day 1 ends on: October 25, 2018 4:00 AM




Hardclaim mafia

Hi guys

hello all!

Mafia you say?

Hello Everyone.

Is that a question?

VOTE: Skitter30

Hello all! Looking forward to destroying some Scum this game.

I guess not. You did claim so I guess I was just reconfirming. Would you like to reconfirm?

Wait were you taking that claim seriously?