Deep Space 9 Mafia - Game Over!

Deep Space 9 Mafia

Moderated by fferyllt

You have been assigned to serve on Deep Space 9, a space station formerly known as Terok Nor, recently under control of the Cardassians. The station orbits Bajor, a planet once occupied by the Cardassians. The Bajoran Provisional Government has invited the United Federation of Planets to administer joint control of the station. The recently discovered wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant has made Deep Space 9 a strategic gateway to a hitherto unexplored portion of the galaxy.

Who will control DS9, the wormhole, and the Gamma Quadrant?

Time will tell.

Metal Sonic
pyx Parsec
smilodon AKFD
Judge Mental ActionDan


Metal Sonic
Judge Mental


smilodon, Jake Sisko, Town Vanilla, was lynched on Day 1
_fferyllt, Worf, 1-shot Vigilante, died on Night 1
Nanook, Gol Dukat, Cult of the Pah-wraiths, died on Night 1
Cabd, Kai Winn Adami, Cult of the Pah-wraiths Role Blocker, was lynched on Day 2
Srceenplay, Dax 2-shot Symbionte, was lynched on Day 3
Josh, Ishka (Moogie) Conditional Acquirer, was killed on Night 3
Catspurr, Cult of the Pah-wraiths Parasite, was lynched on Day 4

General Rules

General Rules:

1. WE ARE ALLOWING PLAYERS TO EDIT THEIR OWN POSTS TO FIX ANY FORMATTING ERRORS (broken tags, broken quotes). This DOES NOT extend to typos. Please try to make any potential edits promptly after your original post (e.g. don’t go back an edit a post a day after you make it).
Please do not abuse this - edit history is public to everyone. If you’re caught abusing edits bad things will happen.

2. Let me and the other players know if you’re busy and won’t have time to post for a couple of days. If you are absent for more than 24 hours without notice, you will be prodded, and will have 24 hours in which to make a post.

3. Don’t directly quote from, screenshot, or talk about concrete stuff (e.g. timestamps) from private communications. Paraphrasing is ok

4. If you’re not sure about anything ask me about it!

5. Have fun!

Majority Lynch rules are in effect.

The first game day will be 14 days. after that, the day length will be 10 days until 5 players remain alive or mylo/lylo is reached. Then, the day length will be 7 days.

Nights will be 48 hours.

Day 1 Start: Deep Space 9 Mafia - Game Over!
Day 2 Start: Deep Space 9 Mafia - Game Over!
Day 3 Start: Deep Space 9 Mafia - Game Over!
Day 4 Start: Deep Space 9 Mafia - Game Over!

Sample Role PM

Welcome! You are Zek, Grand Negus, aligned with the Prophets.


  • You are a Town Vanilla. Your abilities are your voice and your vote.

Win Condition:

  • You win when all threats to the Prophets have been eliminated or nothing can prevent that from happening.


  • Confirm by replying to this message with your alignment. Once 11 players have confirmed, the game will begin.

Game Thread

Is here:

Role PMs will go out later today. Role PMs have gone out

I’ll update this post with details as the pregame phase progresses.

11 of 13 players have confirmed. The game will start after 11 players have confirmed.

Day 1 will begin shortly

The Deep Space 9 Space Station is like all space stations in some ways, but in other ways it is unique and not at all a Starfleet facility. Bajoran aesthetics are overlaid with a Cardassian utility, and the result is not exactly homey.

You’ve looked forward to this tour of duty, and now it begins!

VC 1-1

Not voting: 13 (srceenplay, Nanook, Catspurr, Josh, Metal Sonic, Urist, Parsec, AKFD, Andresvmb, ActionDan, Mantis, _fferyllt, skitter30)

With 13 alive, it takes 7 to lynch.

Deadline: August 13, 2018 4:00 AM

This topic will close automatically 30 minutes after the deadline.

Mod Notes:



DEEP space 9
As in deep wolf.
As in someone you wouldn’t expect to be scum, is.
The person you’d least expect to be scum in a game is the mod.
ffery is the mod.
ffery is scum.

deep SPACE 9
space as in the absence of things.
if you want to read between the lines, what’s there? space.
so let’s read between the lines.
who’s involved in this game but mysteriously absent from the playerlist?
that’s right, it’s ffery again.
ffery is scum!

deep space 9
9 is the number of ringwraiths in lotr.
they had one master, he who ruled them all.
there is one person who wrote the rules for this game.
sauron is evil.
ffery is evil.

ffery is scum 100% confirmed

VOTE: fferyllt

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lol that’s funny :slight_smile:

this is where i’d insert a pithy quote from star trek about starting new things if i knew anything about the flavor

VOTE: josh

hi it’s been a while since we played together!

Try hard.
Voting the mod.
So many scum yells in that post.

VOTE: urist

VOTE: Skitter30

I don’t think that post was scummy. Or, more accurately, I don’t think that preparing a post like that is alignment indicative, and I don’t really have a problem with someone voting the mod in the first post of the game.

Hey everyone! I have never started a game with a vote, so what does that say about me?

VOTE: ActionDan

Let’s do this.

Not everyone can be right.
Don’t give up though. Keep trying.

Why are you defending confirmed scum???

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I’m defending someone?
It’s to early for that.

It’s never too early to defend the ideals upon which Cardassian society is based on.

I agree, it’s much too early for you to be whiteknighting CONFIRMED SCUM. But you couldn’t help but try to bail your scumbuddy out. And now you’re CAUGHT just like ffery. How does it feel to mess up so bad? Not so great huh??

Thanks. Now set back and watch the rest of this shit show. (Ds9)

Wait a second…
Actors are people who pretend to be someone they aren’t.
Actors play in movies.
Movie scripts are called srceenplays.
Srceenplays are written by writers.
Ffery is a writer.

LOL nice try ffery but this game is too fuckin easy better luck next time kiddo :sunglasses:

Wrong type of screenplay.