Completely Unoriginal Mafia (Almost Perfect Town Win)

Completely Unoriginal Mafia

Hosted by tn5421, designed by Rumano of mafialandia, with tweaks by tn5421

Players (9/9):
@morph (@fferyllt and cabd hydra)


@morph (@fferyllt and cabd hydra)




Hopefully nobody, ever.




day 1

Day 1 Start, vc1.1, vc1.2, vc1.3, vc1.4, vc1.5, vc1.6,

day 2

vc2.0, vc2.1

RULES (stolen/tweaked from ffery, who stole it from Antihero, because his are much shorter than mine)

Use the vote tags, or put your votes in bold like so
VOTE: tn5421 | Vote: tn5421
You can use shortened versions of people’s names but I need to know who you’re referring to. You don’t have to unvote before changing votes.
I’d appreciate it if you put votes in their own line.

Days will have a 4 (real) day deadline.

Once you are dead, no more posting in the game thread. I will give you access to the dead thread, where you can laugh or cry as you see fit.

My color is purple. If you want to be colorful in a post, use a different color.

Don’t talk about ongoing games here and don’t talk about this game while it’s ongoing, please.

Do not quote or pretend to quote any private communication, either from me or from anyone else you are allowed to talk with. The same goes for screenshots… Paraphrasing is ok.

I’ll prod you every 24 hours of inactivity. If prodded, you’ll have 12 hours to post before I’ll start looking for a replacement. PLEEZE don’t make me replace you!

The only questions I’ll answer in the thread are about public mechanics. If you have a question about your role, you need to ask by PM. Don’t try to use me to fish for information.

If you’re in doubt about the legality of something you’re about to do, ask me. Questions are good. Modkills are bad.

The most important rule: Have fun, enjoy the game, and be kind to each other!

GIF kind of stole my thunder for the mechanic I was playing, so bah at him. Here are some setup specific rules you should know.

  1. This is night start, with no night actions permitted. This night will last 24 hours as is normal.
  2. There are 2 members of the mafia in this setup, and they might be amongst you…you’ll understand what I mean when you receive your Role PMs.
  3. waves a rod at GIF
  4. It is important to know that the Mafia will receive 2 Role PMs.

Night 0 is underway. The deadline is April 14th, 12pm Central Daylight Time. (fancy countdown timer incoming)

I am mod confirming that I made a mistake in the neighborhood Role PMs.
To ensure game integrity, I am changing the active power and flavor of both effected Role PMs.
It should take me an hour at most to add flavor, however long it takes will be added to the Night 0 deadline.

The game will be paused in the meantime.

The needed corrections have been made. It took 40 minutes, so I’m adding an hour to the deadline, which is now April 14th, 1pm Central Daylight Time.


Vote Count 1.0

Not Voting (9): morph, Srceenplay, chesskid3, RileyCake, Ellibereth, Adamas, Josh, MetalSonic, smilodon

Deadline: April 18th at 2PM Central Daylight Time

Autolock: 30 minutes after Deadline Timer.

With 9 alive, it takes 5 to lynch.

This topic was automatically opened after 24 hours.

Did this get accelerated?

Been waiting all day for this!!! Yayyy!!

No, it opened as scheduled, thanks to ffery for adding the timer.

I’m so excited!!

Didn’t realize it passed so fast, though I’d have to wait longer for that

hi guys!

Hi morph!!!



Hi everyone.
Nice to meet you.

Hi Adams’s, nice to meet you! I’ve never seen you around before, can you introduce where you’re from and your mafia experience?

Fairly experienced with mafia games. Though I usually prefer complex games that barely resemble mafia at all.
No connection to this forum other than through tn5421 who asked for players for his game in a discord channel for another forum we both frequent.