Completely Unoriginal Redux

  • 72 hour days, 24 hour nights
  • 72 hour days, 48 hour nights
  • 96 hour days, 24 hour nights
  • 96 hour days, 48 hour nights
  • 120 hour days, 24 hour nights
  • 120 hour days, 48 hour nights
  • 120 hour days, 72 hour nights

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Let’s do another neighborhood centric setup, shall we?
The setup shall largely be the same as the original game, but with the daily and 1-shot powers changed.

Accepting 9, 12, 15, or 16 players.

This time around, I’m going to add an additional requirement. You’ll see what it is when you get the Role PMs.

Hopefully scandal-free this time.

Please stop having neighbours

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Let Me Be Your Neighbor.

Shorter days and nights pls

I already forget my role after 12 hrs

They make apps to try and improve peoples memories now you should check some out

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your role pm is your neighborhood.

if you still somehow forget your role pm, i will be honestly astonished

I accept

Is it still 5 day days

72/24 leads so that’s most likely gonna be what DLs are

Well there was no 48/24 option

No shit


48/24 is for the youths.

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actually i think the software doesn’t appreciate the value of a write in

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Convenient excuse


If I was interested in offering 48/24 it would be a poll option.