Stormy Seas (NSIMI Game A)

I don’t know what this means.

What’s the current tally?

Ah, I see. Well I disagree. I’m not voting UFO.

Click the button. Please tell me y’all knew about the vote button.

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@kimpossible is this what you were talking about?

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Voting m2h is fine too.

If y’all expect me to do anything other than consider all available possibilities at all times, you’re in for a bad time.

So what’s your wizard percent on Sloo being town?

high single digit above rand.

Sloo can you explain the difference here?

ehh that didn’t quote like I wanted it to

I don’t follow this either, I thought rand for town was like 72%? How can it be a single digit above rand?

I still think I’d rather a M2H kill than a Sloo kill. I just feel like Sloo has actually been trying to solve in general here.

But I’d like him to respond to this thing Kim has brought up. I’m not really so worried about the not changing his vote thing before he gets on the plane because he didn’t want a hammer to happen early. That’s consistent with his take on Nutella and not wanting that to happen either.

80% is single digit above rand for example.

btw if any of you are curious how computers play forum mafia with each other atm, might give you a sense of what I mean by mixed strat?:

Not exactly advocating for that, but something similar to Advanced Chess, at least until the compies get too strong xD.

I still don’t get how 80% is a single digit, but I suppose it’s irrelevant.

I’m willing to sort out Sloo tomorrow since it seems like he may not be giving an answer to these concerns in the next 35 minutes. Still think VOTE: M2H is also a good vote.

@UFOFever Do me a favor and get on this.

single digit above, in this case would be 8. (80-72)

Ohhhhhhhhh. Got it.