Stormy Seas (NSIMI Game A)

Welcome to Game A!

So the things you need to know:

The publicly known roles potentially in this game are: Watcher and Vig. There is no guarantee for any of these roles to be in the game. Roles are not tied to alignment and were assigned prior to alignment rand. There may or may not be more roles in the game.

The scum assigned their members to each game–I assigned alignments, then the scum team determined which of them would be in which game. This was done without knowledge of town distribution.

There is a mechanic for players to be swapped between games starting N1, controlled by the dead players.

If a game reaches parity or there are no scum alive at the start of a day or night phase, that game ends and the players in it are done playing.

Watchers and Vigs can only target players in their own game.

Town Kills are determined by majority, plurality at EOD if no majority is reached prior.

Actions can be submitted during the day as conditionals (i.e., if player X is TKed, shoot player Y)–I strongly encourage this, as nights will be as short as possible in order to keep the game flowing.


UFO Fever

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If you have questions, ask!

D1 has begun, will end at 2019-12-04T23:00:00Z


Go go go!

where is hannah, she’s the only reason I signed up :[

@Nanook how much of cross game communication is allowed? Initially I would have assumed none was allowed, but chesskid has talked to us it seems like he’s allowed to do that?

I know nothing about chesskid other than him being butthurt when others called him out for making questionable draft decisions in m2h’s draft. Scum outing one of their own in an effort to protect them seems super weird though, but I guess there’s still a universe where a) scum chesskid is trying to townclaim a townie to get cred and/or b) scum chesskid is trying to make sure that kimpossible somehow gets dragged into game B via the weird dead-players-can-move-living-players mechanic that I don’t understand yet, or just c) chess is town telling the truth.

@Nanook did scum have any rules where they HAD to place a minimum of X players in each game? If so, what is X? If not, then does that mean it’s entirely possible that there’s no scum in one of the games at gamestart? What happens if a watcher or vig targets a player who moves between A and B during the night they were targeted?

I guess we need to get started somehow. The other game has like 30 posts.

Lol at Kim and UFO both being in this game with me.

In case any of you others don’t know, the three of us are the Playdip people here.

There’s currently an ongoing game there too, and this will be my first time being in two mafia games at once. So might not be quite as focused as I’d ideally want to be here with that combined with RL. I’ve been playing a year and a few months.

So I’ve played them a decent amount and I’m guessing we’ll all be looking out for signs on the others, provided we are all town.

I was wondering if Kim as scum might have preferred to play in the smaller of the two games, since Nook said scum had a choice which game they played in.

There’s that post in the other game by Chess saying that the two of them are masons though.

I hope that’s true, because Kim is a damn force to be reckoned with when she’s town.

Kim, you confirm what Chess says is true?

UFO and I are pretty decent at finding each other as town when we’re both town. I think the two of them are also pretty good with that when both are town.

Kim and I sometimes struggle to read each other, but I think we are both getting better at it.

I have vague memories of having played video mafia with M2H and Eli when I hadn’t slept for like 42 hours and had no business trying to find scum lol.

So I guess I’m wondering about any experience that you guys other than Kim/UFO have with the others. I know Nook grabbed a bunch of people from a few different places, so maybe there’s not much there.

UFO, were any of these people in that game you played here a while ago? Thoughts on them?

It’s deducible from my role info that urist and mantis are above rand scum.

It’s deducible from my 1.5 nights of spying on video mafia that Elli would only say it’s deducible if he was in a nerd out moment or if he was scum.

Tempted to request we lynch m2h because I see him bringing absolutely zero strategic value to town this game unless he’s PR. And if he’s PR town is kinda fucked anyway.

In any event I have zero interest in playing a long game with m2h where he either whines as town and gets nothing done or whines as scum only to have his teammates bail him out.

I know I’m being harsh but at the same time this is absolutely not the group of people I want to be playing with. m2h you’re cool and all outside of games (and cool as a host) but we’re not outside of a game now.

“The scum assigned their members to each game–I assigned alignments, then the scum team determined which of them would be in which game. This was done without knowledge of town distribution.

this means scum wouldn’t have known how many townies Nanook placed in each game, I think, so your point about smaller games is moot unless you’re saying you think Kim is likely to be in the game with less scumbuddies? (since scum would only know the number of scum in each game, not the number of town)

Oh I thought maybe scum knew the name of the game or something. Like maybe assuming Big Ass Yacht might have more people in general.

That’s all I meant. That Kim has a life and stuff, and if she was scum might have chosen the smaller game if they knew the size of the games, maybe thinking it would mean less of a time commitment.

But again, this is all probably not where I want to push or focus today, because that’s just an assumption I’m making if Kim happened to be scum. The thing with Chess makes me lean more town on Kim for now. But really we just need to hear from her whenever she gets around to this.

So you don’t like playing M2H? Seems kind of harsh for an opening message if you don’t know who’s town, since if he’s town I want to not lynch him by default. But I don’t have experience playing him except a few video mafia games I zombie walked my way through before passing out.

Cross game commentary is fine, try to limit direct communication.

No comment. There must be at least one scum in both games at start. If a watcher targets a player swapping between A and B the night of the swap they will receive results as normal. If a vig targets a player swapping the night of the swap the player targeted will die and the swap will be canceled.


maybe a bit less of me not liking to play with m2h outright and more of me annoyed and not having the patience to play with him plus 5 people I’ve never played before. Last game I played with him I scumread scum m2h day 1 practically minute 1 and post game it was annoying that he claimed he fooled me into thinking he was town when it was pretty dang obvious to everyone on the planet that he didn’t. Again, nothing against m2h, he’s a swell guy most of the time, I just wish I had a breather.

But blah. I signed up this game literally only because Hannah asked me to, so it is kinda annoying to not be on the same thread. I think the way the game format actually works is super interesting and compelling, but I am annoyed very much by which people got into my thread. There’s a chance of people being moved around and me getting to play with people I actually want to play with though, which is something I guess.

Also I’m definitely willing to get to know all of those I don’t know and give them a chance.

What’s your definition of getting stuff done.

btw I’d appreciate if you’re town to just make it obvious and not do some “I’m hiding I’m a PR to avoid NK shenanigans”, I guarantee I’ll be the kill even if I hard claim VT right now and having you as town quickly would make life easier for both of us.

you very well know I only did that in draft because it was a gladiate day 1 where I literally couldn’t be mislynched no matter how much I tried, so take your snark and keep it on a million foot long pole away from me, pls and ty.

I think that was kind of one of the things Nook was aiming for with this project. Like he’s been trying to get me to go out into the wider mafia world for a bit, and has invited me to a few games here.

Like yea, there’s players in the other game I was definitely interested in playing too (Nutella comes to mind from hanging around the MU discord when observing the champs games), but these games are obviously interrelated and mingle a lot. So at the very least we all still have a vested interest in following whatever thread we are not in. We might end up switching, and if we believe Chess (and Kim confirms and we assume for now they are telling the truth), there’s at least one mason group that spans both games at game start. So we’re all part of something together here.

Also, I explicitly asked Nook if scum in both games can talk to each other during the day and stuff (I assumed they could but just wanted to be sure), and he says they can.

VOTE: doggoplays