Pirate Ship Mafia

Unless nanook tells us otherwise, should we assume that the captain gets redirection powers, like starv’s role in the last game?

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Tell me why and I’m all yours

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Yes, this. I don’t have a reason to trust your reads the way I do Elli. Tell me why they’re scum and I’ll vote with you.

Elli is washed up.

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Chesskid’s reads are on the same level as Ellibereth, why don’t you sheep him?

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Or parrot UFO when he sheeps him?

For reference, here are my latest 2 hard carries as town.

If I’m wrong about these two, I will swing the wagon… but something is telling me that I’m not.

Star all I know about SRing Chess is “wait until he’s wrong.” If you have something better than that please let me know it

Or I guess wait until he’s drunk and stick a meme vote on him in video maf

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This is my 3rd game here (and that only because it’s an extension of my 2nd game which was Mall Pirates). And the first one was me on the small boat of the crazy two-boats game. So my experience is limited.

So am I to understand that you also are of the “Fuck you I’m not explaining my reads stop asking” persuasion?

This has proven to be a bad way of going about reading chess in non-ranked games.

Tell me what the good way is. That’s what I’m asking lol

I mean… I understand that the “fuck you I’m not explaining my reads stop asking” approach is annoying, but the truth is, if I do explain my reads, then you have the opportunity to disagree with my reasoning even if the result is correct. Which… Is bad, so going based on clout is usually the best option… AND, it’s been going well for me recently.

As I see this game has a lot of newcomers, I may have less clout to flaunt around than usual, so I might need to pander a bit…

Let me adjust. I am diametrically opposed to explaining my reads before you give me your most accurate reads and explain why.

This also gives me an opportunity to see what you’re looking for, which will allow me to fabricate a read that makes you likely to sheep me.

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I don’t have a fucking clue what my reads are. Nothing here is readable to me. The only way I got decent reads last game was Elli actually explained what he was thinking to me in our private chat because he knew I was town.

I’m not playing here again. This is fucking miserable.


I think it’s really hard to adjust to a new meta, specifically this one… I ask ideally don’t give up on it so quickly… But what I said in my last post is true, like, if you don’t have reads (I have a few very high confidence town reads atm), then you probably are looking for the wrong things.

That gap can’t be bridged by me explaining my reads to you, because you aren’t thinking that way (based on the absent reads) and therefore me explaining my reads to you has a higher probability of resulting in you scum reading me than you sheeping me… When I play off-site, I usually try to fabricate reasons that people can relate to because it’s easier to justify.

Also, I’m confirmed town off of this post, among others.

Welcome to mafia 451


Okay… look, what Elli explained were linguistic things. “Fatmo wouldn’t phrase this statement this way if he’s scum.” That’s stuff that makes sense to me.

I don’t have experience with most of the players here. The only read I have right now is UFO still seems towny to me. There’s been very little content in this game so I don’t even know what you could be trying to read.

DKDK hasn’t even posted in the thread, how can you possibly justify voting there?


Btw I actually think I’ve done a better job of explaining things to people this game (or last I suppose) I know theres culture shock but it does get better when you are used to it

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Because unless I’m self aware AND on the ball, I don’t phrase things that way as scum. Honestly, I’m an easy read because I town tell very well.

Also, DKDK’s choice of meme is scummy.