Pirate Ship Mafia

Welcome to your Pirate Ship! Please read the rules carefully.

Alignments have been reshuffled, and roles have been assigned without regard for alignment.

Every day, you can vote for up to two people to walk the plank. One person per day will be forced to walk the plank. Every night there will be a secret ballot election for Captain–every living player will submit a vote via PM for who they believe should be the Captain. If a majority of players vote for a new Captain, they will become the Captain, if a majority is not reached then the incumbent will remain the Captain.

If the Captain dies during the day, the First Mate will assume Captain duties until/unless a new Captain is elected. If the First Mate is dead, the Second Mate will assume the Captain duties. The Quartermaster hands out a gun to the player of their choice every night. If the Quatermaster dies, a new one will be assigned by the GM out of the non-Captain, Mate, or Ship’s Surgeon players.

There are 10 town and 5 mafia.

Some roles are publicly known at the start of the game:

Captain: JakeTheWolfie
First Mate: Doggoplays
Second Mate: akoofd
Quartermaster: Fatmo
Ship’s Surgeon: Key

The town wincon is: You win when all the TRAITORS have been removed from the ship.

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D1 has started! It will end at 2020-07-01T20:00:00Z OR when one one player has received 10 votes. One person will die today, and you may vote for two players apiece.

Uhm what the actual fuck lol


@Nanook can we talk about a certain mall themed game here or no

What the FUCK is even happening?


Oh that linked a bit funny, it’s from the signup topic where Nanook said there would be no boats this time

so this is minus



The Mall Pirates game is ended and thus can be talked about as much as you want!

Can you go post full alignments and roles for the completed game?

Yeah, I feel I have been misled. :confused:

Well maybe its like a spaceship

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I suppose that works. I have been playing a lot of Eve Online.

Marking. Way too tired to process new stuff

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@DKDK I heard Urist gave you a vig N1 in the mall game, is that right?

Also @CallMeFS I miss you already :sob:

Who was scum in the last game?

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[full flips from the Mall Pirates game will be posted shortly, ftr]

Wait I misread Dan’s flip lol he was scum

why do people keep killing me when I always come back alive : )

@Nanook I get that we vote for the captain but like… wut does the captain even do and why would someone want to be captain?

yell at me if I should have asked in PMs, idk the rules