Pirate Ship Mafia

Okay so basically if you lose a game you’re elimanyed or you choose to opt out by spoiling yourself

otherwise this ish is gonna continue until we have a winner of winners

scum who didn’t late join got saved by us winning early

I want to get off mr clems wild ride

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Oh god. I’m already exhausted.

I did not know I was signing up for a fucking marathon.

Are you sure this is the deal, or is it just the two games now that we can get everyone into a single game? I can kinda get doing this to make it fair for the late arrivals who never got into the game…

I’m also thinking the same. I think this is the final game now that town won before D3?

Because I think this game wouldn’t have to happen if Town haven’t won by D3…
Also the scum in the previous game were Capage, ActionDan, StarV, JakeTheWolfie and…?

I have no idea but imagine???

Seriously, shame on you @Ellibereth

Get ready for part 3: Tortuga

Out of fear :kappa:

I tried to imagine it, but it kept getting overwritten with images of me ragequitting and throwing my laptop off the balcony.

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Anders who we killed D1? Dude.

Tbh I think I should be the winner of winners automatically for finding all scum and being sheeped by everyone else in the last game

I’m pretty sure that award goes to me for “failing my team”… I mean let’s face it, I basically caused scum to lose last game.



K so we aren’t touching here today.

Come be town

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Welcome to a Clem set up :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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