Let us analyze your games!

Great Offer.
But I am of two minds about it.
It’s a bit like people watching me work, I hate it, I wonder if I would hate the critic of my play…
I also wonder because am not an intellectual gamer, I play by intituition, by what ‘feels’ rght.

But??? (shrug icon) I’ll bite, Be interested to know fferyllts analysis of the game I just played as a Nnja Scum Treestump.

Or are the games meant to be from elsewhere that did not nvolve the analysis?

You can choose a game from any site, including games played here at M451!

Let me know if you’d prefer the feedback (for whatever game) in a PM versus here in this thread.

I can relate to the ambivalence about feedback!

Be most interesting for everyone to have the game just played analysised and the feedback public here in this thread.

Please Analyse my play in the Tarot Game.
Prefered Analyst fferyllt
Results, made public in this Thread.


Here you go! Please let me know if there is anything in this write-up that you’d like me to provide more detail for.

The 2-day scum treestump role was meant to be a challenge in the way that most negative utility roles are challenging. As you played the game, I wonder if you thought about how you would have approached the role if you were town.

I think that’s a good place to start in discussing how to play a scum janitored treestump - what would optimal play have been if you were town with this role?

Janitored flips are negative utility. I think approaching the role like being a miller would make a lot of sense if you had been town. A miller who has no other component to their role usually claims (or at least crumbs) early on Day 1 - preferably in their first post. From there, playing as transparently town as possible is the usual strategy. I think the same strategy makes a lot of sense for a town player who knows their flip will be janitored.

This was your day 1 claim:

And you revealed you would be janitored almost two weeks later, on Day 3.

As scum, the initial decision with this kind of role is whether to play it as though town and claim early, or to plan on never revealing the janitored aspect while you’re alive. If you wanted to be treated as likely town after dying, then you would need to either full claim early, or act surprised at hell (and pissed off at your mod!) when you didn’t flip. That would take some serious acting, and has a reasonable probability of failure even if you acted your heart out.

Being a treestump also muddies the water a little, but it comes down to if you’ll want to continue pretending to be town after dying. The danger is always that the more you post about the game and your thoughts and pretend-reads, the more clues you’ll leave about who is town and who your partners are.

One alternative to pretending to be town is to just troll the hell out of the game after dying, up to and including spamming the thread, and throwing out tons of false associations and leaving mass confusion about whether anything you spammed was true or not.

Given infiniscroll, I’m relieved you didn’t choose the second option, though it would have been a legitimate strategy!

In hindsight, I thought your Day 1 play was mostly effective in getting you out of the spotlight for a bit. You were run up, but your interactions with your team were pretty robust. Although you didn’t help lynch beeboy, your behaviors around his wagon didn’t look overtly partner-ish to me. You interacted with Srceenplay fairly often on day 1 and those interactions mostly looked non-partner, too. I thought you came off a little too automatic in the way you followed up with players and kept asking for lynch reasons as day 1 progressed. You asked a lot of questions, but didn’t seem to care about the answers. You claimed treestump when you were under some early lynch pressure, but didn’t mention that you wouldn’t flip immediately in your claim post. This made you more suspicious-looking when you did add it to your claim. It might have eventually led to your lynch anyway if you had claimed it all at once, but it would have been a lynch based mostly on mechanics, rather than on scumreading you. But, an unforced claim early in the game would probably have been townread in much the way that millers are often treated as basically named townies. The point at which you claimed, with 4 votes on you was unremarkable in plurality lynch situations. Typically with majority lynch rules players claim at L-1 (majority-1) or L-2 if the game seems to be moving really fast.

It seemed inevitable that you would be lynched at some point, but that point took quite a while to arrive. Day 2’s gladiator theater assured that you would make it at least to day 3.

You cased Ellibereth a couple times during the game but always seemed waffly about whether he was scum or not. And your cases on Ellibereth seemed kinda shallow, and many of your points applied to other players as much as to him. So, your focus on Elli looked like it was more about him pushing you than about a genuine push on him.

The tone of your posts to Ellibereth about why wasn’t he ok with dying when you were ok with it didn’t come off to me like you were sincerely suspicious of him for it. It felt more like a straight-up discredit. Similarly, your posts about Elli being suspicious for initially wanting to lynch pyx before pushing for a no-lynch. There wasn’t a compelling explanation for why changing his mind was scummy.

Given that Elli felt that lynching you regardless of alignment was necessary, and he pushed the hardest for your lynch, I’m curious if he would have felt the same way if you had taken a more miller-like approach to your role.

I think your playstyle probably wouldn’t mesh well with attempting this, but you could have gone all-in to try and derail beeboy’s day 1 lynch. It would probably have been seen as too audacious to be a save-attempt on a partner.


As soon as I voted Elli I knew I had made a mistake.
Lapse in concentration.
So was thinking Ellie and making it obvous I thought Ellie was the N1 kill cause I knew he was.
So yeah, I made some mistakes.

Anyway, all very interesting @fferyllt thank you muchly, I will take it on board.

“Anyone” please skewer me and my nightplay in Tarot. my name did not appear in the post mortem, so I want a little more closure :slight_smile:

I am so sorry!

Do you want me to postmortem you here? I can just do it in the thread about the game if you like.

Oh I don’t mind either way, and no need to apologize. I don’t particularly think I did anything major or did anything highlight worthy.

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Holy shit this thread is so cool and I’m so impressed by the amount of effort ffery put in to make this first analysis!! But it’s so much work I wonder if it is even sustainable at all…

I am a self assured player so I won’t be using this for advice but I’m interested in game comments of some games but I also don’t want to waste fferys time because good god this is so high quality that I think someone who really needs the help should use the resources instead

just to populate this thread and make it interesting… though I don’t want to waste too much of fferys time to make such an indepth writeup as the post for catspurr…

how about this: the best towngame i’ve ever seen of alltime:

Forest fire mafia

Don’t have to be so in depth analysis, just a personal commentary from your PoV, would be interesting, and perhaps some tidbits you think you may find interesting in hindsight:

a fun trip down memory lane…

Preferred analyst: Fferyllt
Results can be public in the thread

Did you want me to write about your hydra’s play, or about the game in general?

game in general

This isn’t so much a game review as it is a post review. I’d greatly appreciate if you took the time to read into the context of at least this lylo phase. What did I do so wrong with this post to get my dumbass mislynched despite having the correct read. I feel like this post was where it all went downhill for my slot.
This keeps happening to me and it’s really frustrating to the point where I just want to end my whole mafia career. Big sads.

(anyone can respond, not just fferylitty)

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It’s because I called people trash isn’t it? :frowning:

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thats not even your post

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aren’t we all?

Erika, You invited anyone to reply.

Simply put, to long didn’t read.
I would take it as a scum ploy to drown the town players without trying to read and sort through the whole thing.

Mafia Players, short attention span.
Comments, short and snappy need to be,

Were I come from we have a player who posts up a storm when she is town.
I never read much of what she says, cause I already know, long wandering woffle, town, short concise posts scum.

Unless you are known for lonf posts, it looks scummy just doing that.

(To me, of course, other will have their own view,)

That’s definitely not your post… it’s EDDIE CANE’s !!!

Town was stupid, there wasn’t anything you could do about it. Game was already lost once Cheeky powerscummed the game, the fate has been decided before Lylo.

The other town at lylo was a cuck who’d rather lynch EDDIE CANE you instead of scum who was caught day 1 by Kiana Kaslana. I mean, it’s a viable scum tactic to bring cucks to Lylo, even if they were clear, as the town hammer vote.

Unless EDDIE CANE you did some sort of trust tell to make him town to the point of being an innocent child, that lylo couldn’t be won in your position.

Don’t feel too bad, sometimes things are out of your control. The post was definitely not responsible for your mislynch.