Tarot uPick: Under A Deviant Moon - GAME OVER!


the pyx wagon is random

I may be bad but I’m not scum
Ba dum tiss

I got a fancy JRPG and I prolly will lurk all game.

Also Ellibereth is a scum fuck so lynch him.

But why, beeboy?

I only know that I know 3 people here from other game places, so some of you I can’t tell if you’re joking or not. Not so much meta but just not knowing people’s communication styles.

Pyx, for instance, I know, therefore not particularly influenced by his wizardly ways.

Day one, the chances of lynching scum are not good.
But someone has to be lynched, so if it is me, fine.
I’m town and I come back as a tree stump.
Not a great power. :roll_eyes:
But yeah, if I am killed, I remain in the game for two days as a tree stump.
I will have no vote, but I can still scum hunt and contribute.
I guess I don’t count as town in the parity count if I am dead, but this early in the game that really shouldn’t matter.

if Pyx is town Judge is scum btw


Why would town reveal this now? You’re 3 votes away from being lynched. Players will take more care near hammer time. Even if you’re lynched D1, why reveal the 2 day stump? Wouldn’t it be better to let scum wonder why you’re not dead for a while?

There’s a good chance he is if we share the same thoughts, especially this early.

I disagree that Judge is likely scum if you are town. I would like to know why Judge thinks the votes on Pyx are random.

Catspurr’s early claim is believable.

Do you doubt his claim or assumed alignment from that claim?

Um? Maybe, I guess I just thought it would be obvious.
Your right, I didn’t think it through, although, town would also be wondering why I am around causing wifom, So maybe better that everyone knows I can certainly be killed.

As to the timing of the reveal, I hate it going down to the wire and then at the last minute someone say, wait, I am the Doc/Investigative/roleblocker.

A few other people have revealed minor powers already, unless it is all a joke?
I don’t know anyone in this game so am finding players totally confusing.

As mentioned I don’t know anyone so have no Meta to work from.

Can see the argument for pyx being scum, they have done no scum hunting, but there are a lot of players who haven’t contributed in any constructive way. <>

The only other player I have a niggle about is screenplay, not because they voted me, this was afterward when they seemed to overreact to the guapos law reference.

chesskid3 seems to be doing a lot of the driving for town, which is fine, town needs go gettum players.

Not sure why they think judge and pyx have to be on opposite sides?

Yeah, it will take a while to get to know each other.

My strategy is always to keep scum guessing. You can always explain a situation if/when town needs to know. There are lots of reasons someone might live through a lynch - Lynchproof, protected, other role powers.

Anyway, not going to offer a lecture. Styles differ, site to site, so whatever you’re used to doing likely works in context.

I would never assume Pyx’ alignment from D1. And will be disappointed if he’s lynched to early. Even if he is scum, best to watch him awhile. IME. :slight_smile:

No idea about the judge/pyx connection. Maybe it is just scummy wifom. Or town prodding.

lol sure thing


dumb or scum

vote chesskid3

because they were?? I found your hedge on catspurr pinged; now your question of me begs the question of what pressure, in your opinion, catspurr was under, per #112 iirc (sorry at work on fone being surreptitious)

where’s this coming from?